Thursday, January 16, 2014

From Pillar to Post

NaBloPoMo January 2014  


There is pressure that is imposed upon us by others.  Then there is PRESSURE that is imposed upon us by others.  Maybe a boss brings a last-minute project for an important deadline.  Maybe a child comes home and announces they need  six dozen cookies - for tomorrow.  (Of course, these days, you can't bring homemade goodies to public schools anymore.  But that's another post for another day.)  Then there is pressure like our soldiers face in battle.  Or the pressure put on a victim during the commission of a crime by another person.

Then there is the pressure we put on ourselves.  Then there is the PRESSURE we put on ourselves.  We may put off studying for a test or save an assignment until the last day ... when we had the time to do it in a less rushed manner.  Then there are occasions when we convince ourselves that a certain outcome is the only thing that will satisfy us and we are devastated when it doesn't come to pass.

Of course, I believe that it is not so much the source of pressure, but our reaction to it that makes the difference.  And no matter from where the pressure comes, there are usually things we can do to counteract it.  Unfortunately, there are some situations that put pressure on us over which we have no control.  When I faced such a situation at a former job, I knew I would most likely wind up injured at some point due to the nature of the job, and I made peace with that.  Then the fear, the stress and the pressure mediated itself and I was much more relaxed in the stressful situation itself.  

I'd love it if you could share a tip for how you handle pressure in your lives.  There's someone out there who needs to hear your tip today!

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