Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MM - Working on Semi-Precious

I thought I had done a blog post about starting to memorize Proverbs 31:10-31 a while back.  Well, I can't seem to find it now, and so what will I do?  I'll start over.  And hoping to use this blog link-up to do a series and keep myself accountable and better-organized.

For the first week, I'm going to tackle Proverbs 31:10-12

10  Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

11  The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil

12  She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

I have never been the best wife and probably never will be - but then who wants that sort of competition thrown in amongst a group of women who ought to be supportive of one another?  No "Real Housewives" for me, thank you.  But I haven't even been the best wife I could be.  And that smarts.

The good news is two-fold...or maybe three.  I don't have to stay that way.  The process of improvement in this area of my life is not necessarily leaping tall buildings with a single bound, but smaller steps, consistently applied.  And God is patient, so there's still hope for me.

I won't bore you...yet (lol)...with a list of my failings as a wife.

But going with the whole rubies/gemstones theme, I have come up with a system to kind of mark my progress on this journey:  Amethyst - caring for self; Sapphire - caring for children; Aquamarine - caring for home; Amber - caring for finances; Citrine - caring for husband; Ruby - a humble heart, caring for God.  

A few random notes:  I chose aquamarine to fill the "green" part of the spectrum because it is my husband's birthsone.  I chose citrine for the orange part of the spectrum because there is no iconic orange gemstone (like amethysts are purple, rubies are red).  The only purposely-chosen color/meaning choice was the ruby-caring for God.  Because what better way is there to be the best wife for a particular husband if not being a woman of God?

More on the whole color scheme of my wifely self-improvement scheme after I've gone through the verses of Proverbs 31 in the weekly posts.  I'd sure LOVE to have you along for the ride, so come on back to the Porch anytime! :O)


  1. Hi LuAnn! I LOVE this part: "smaller steps, consistently applied"...that's the key to it all, isn't it? That's the only way to permanent change in any situation: our walk with God, our parenting issues, healthy commitments, etc. Thanks for sharing your insights! This is my first visit to your blog. Also, thank you for sharing the story of your car wreck and God's AWESOME provision for you during that time! What a blessing it is to know that He cares about the little things...like us! :)

    Blessings on your day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  2. Welcome to the porch, Sarah! Your family is lovely! My daughter and I oohed and aahed at your pictures. :O)

  3. One breathe, one step at a time. If I could I would also be shipping you off more then a ton of snow, as it is still coming down barely being able to see our bushline way back across our 2 fields.

  4. And we would take that snow, Cindy! I haven't skiied in over 15 years, because there has never been enough snow where we lived. I miss it. Stay warm up there!

  5. I think what you are expressing here can be summed up in your goal to be "a woman of God." That instantly makes the best wife, mother, daughter, and sister possible!

  6. I had that same thought, J! How'd you get those little moving hearts on your blog? Those are adorable!

  7. Hi again!
    The darling little falling hearts? Okay...go back to my blog. In the upper right corner is a little icon - something like "blogmation." Click on that. It will take you to a site that allows you to (easily!) add not only that gadget but many other really cute seasonal ones! They are free, but they ask you to follow their blog as a courtesy - it's a nice "mommy" blog - which I was more than happy to do! Hope you find something you like if you decide to go ahead with it!

  8. I'm fascinated by how you're choosing the different semi-precious stones to organize each area and can appreciate your desire to be accountable... I'm great at starting things, and not so good a finishing. Fortunately, my hubby loves to finish things, so he's my backup. I look forward to reading more as you work through Proverbs 31.

  9. Welcome Lori, yeah I had all sorts of ideas when I decided to go with the gemstones theme. I'm letting them shake out for the first few weeks. I'm now following you as well. Loving your downloadable "27 Encouraging Activities".

  10. I'm like you, LuAnn, I don't want to be a "Real Housewife" and compare myself to anyone else, so I sometimes wonder about the positives of comparing ourselves to the ultimate godly woman in Prov. 31. There must be a good reason, if only to try to be "like" her as we keep our eyes on Christ? Ya think? I don't know, but I love your attitude and the fact that you're trying little by little to be a better wife, mom, follower of Christ. I'll join you in that great aspiration! Thanks also for visiting my blog! I appreciate it!

  11. Hi Beth, thanks for your remarks. Nah, I'm treating the P31 Wife like a mentor, following her example. Like having a marker off in the distance in order not to miss the forest for the trees. (How many metaphors can I mix in one comment? *LOL*)