Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Trips - Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls State Park is about an hour south of us. We visited once when it was just us and the boys and once with T-girl. "Great Lakes Waterfalls and Beyond" says:
Cumberland Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the South, and is definitely one to see.
The Kentucky State Parks site has a great page on Cumberland Falls, including accommodations, restaurants, camping and things to do in the area.

I know we have some pictures of the kids by the falls, but DH just redid the computer again and it'll take me a while to find them. Maybe next week....*sigh*.

Cumberland Falls is the only place in the US where you can see a "moonbow", which is a rainbow created by the mist from the falls and moonlight. We've been here more than two years, and I've yet to see one. Of course, the last time we went there, DS2 got sick on the way home, so that maybe has put a little damper on things.

I'd like to go back next summer and explore some more of the trails with the kids.

There is a little snack bar/gift shop area before you get to the main trails. The tables are round and made of stone. Last time we were there, T was about 2-3 years old and wanted to dance on the tables, so we let her! I've never thought I'd say this, but some table dancers are just pretty darned cute! :p

Cumberland Falls is one destination that always makes the "to do list" when out-of-town friends and family come to visit.

Monday Movies - The Abyss

OK, y'all, on of my top ten favorite movies is "The Abyss".

A US sumbarine encounters an underwater alien life form (dubbed NTI's or non-terrestrial intelligence by the rig crew) which wreaks havoc with their electronics and causes it to crash. Russian subs are honing in on it, hoping to steal the secrets. The US Navy would rather not have that happen and are looking for quick ways to beat the Russians to the sub.

Bud and his buddies run an underwater oil platform. The oil company is informed that they WILL co-operate with the US Navy. (Is it just being a mom that makes me hear, "And you WILL NOT watch tv until your room is cleaned?") Descending with the Navy SEALS is Lindsey, Bud's estranged wife.

Oh, goody. *LOL*

Being so far underwater, with all the surrounding pressure, can make people jittery under the best of times, but the commander of the SEALS is apparently more than usually susceptible to the "High Pressure Nervous Syndrome" and gets ultra paranoid. The SEALS and the crew go to the downed sub and retrieve several things that the US would like to keep out of enemy hands, and a nuclear missile.

At one point, the NTI, which is able to mold water, comes up through the rig's moon pool to explore, presumably because they've seen these two-legged upright creatures running around their back yard pool (ok, just kidding) and wonder who let the kids out. It makes the hosts somewhat nervous, except for Lindsey, who thinks they're kind of cute.

She sticks her finger into the dinosaur-neck style configuration of water and tastes it. Sea water. Then she smiles ... and the water makes a clear copy of her face, that smiles back! It's not as hokey as it sounds ... my words are failing me in description of the scene.

Remember the newly unbalanced SEAL commander? He decides the water NTI is up to no good and shuts the door on it ... literally, causing the Linsdey-reflection and the rest of the water on that side of the door to fall to the ground. The rest of the water beats a hasty retreat through the moon pool to blend in with the rest of the sea.

The SEAL commander decides this NTI must be destroyed and takes the nuclear weapon in a submersible down into the trench to destroy the aliens. Bud and Lindsey go out after him. While the commander's submersible is pushed over the edge and is crushed by the water pressure, the estranged husband and wife get caught on the edge of the trench, unable to move, and taking on water ... fast.

The only hope of survival for them is to swim back to the rig, but there is only one suit. One suit to keep them warm in the sea water and one source of oxygen. So Lindsey tells Bud, the stronger swimmer to wear the suit let her drown, drag her back and with bodily functions slowed by hypothermia, resuscitate her once they get back to the rig. Crazy ... maybe. Did it work? Yes.

But the nuke is still at the bottom of the trench. They decide someone has to go down and disarm the thing, and Bud, of course, volunteers. But since the SEAL commander was crushed by water pressure when he was in a machine ... how can Bud survive? Apparently there is a liquid that he could breathe (a nice little toy the Navy brought along) that would allow his lungs not to collapse.

Once he gets to the bottom, Bud is supposed to disarm the missile. But the light sticks he has makes it impossible to figure out which wire is which color. And the pressure, while not lethal, is certainly not doing anything good for his central nervous system. It's been a while, but I think he guesses...correctly, of course.

Well, there is not enough oxygen in the tank to get him back up to the rig, so he types in his armband keyboard that he knew it was a one-way trip and (talking to Lindsey) said, "Love you wife".

But remember, he wasn't alone down there. A couple NTI's come around to see who Bud is and what he's up to. As Bud loses consciousness, he is whisked through the NTI's territory until he comes to an area where the water is "pulled back" (think like the parting of the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments), and he is able to take off his helmet, spew the liquid out of his lungs and breathe normally. He looks at the aliens, smiles, gives a little tentative wave, and says, "Hi."

The NTI's show like a movie of man's destruction of himself, each other, and the planet, mostly via wars and nuclear means. Bud asks, "Then why did you save me?" The movie changes to a shot of his armband keyboard and the words "Love you, wife" showing up.

Switch back to the rig, where Lindsey and the crew are in mourning for Bud. All of a sudden, there is his message, coming back at them. Bud's typing has improved (since coming into contact with the NTI's) and he tells his wife and friends, "Hang on. You're gonna love this."

The alien "ship" (for lack of a better word, and if you've seen the movie you know what I mean) rises up underneath the rig, lifting it to the surface. It also lifts up the ship that was hovering on top of the ocean over the rig, making it look like a little Matchbox bus. The crew of the rig are able to drop out of it, onto the surface of the "ship" and walk around ... without suffering any ill effects from not decompressing properly.

Lindsey and Bud are reunited.

The movie basically ends there. I've always wondered what happened afterwards. Did the Navy debrief everyone about the NTI craft and the "contact". Would they have believed them? Or would they have reserved an all-expense vacation for life for the whole lot of oil company employees and SEALS at the padded-wall Hilton?


The underwater scenes were absolutely stunning, which is a credit to the movie's makers because most of the scenes were filmed in a 7 million gallon tank at a nuclear power plant near South Carolina. The story appealed to me, and I watch it nearly every time it comes on satellite, even though I've seen it many, MANY times before.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Trips - Salt Lake City, Utah

Last year, we went to San Francisco at Christmastime to visit my MIL and her husband.

This year, we will be going to Salt Lake City, to visit my mother and brother. My family moved to Salt Lake City in 1972. My classmates at my old school (in Maryland) wrote stories for me about the adventures I would have in the "Wild West"...which was a good thing, because I don't think I had ever HEARD about Utah at that point!

What most people know about SLC is that it is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). In Salt Lake, there are Mormons and non-Mormons (I guess that is about like Jews and Gentiles in Jerusalem). In Salt Lake, non-Mormon usually means anti-Mormon, which is really too bad. Many people have heard of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The other thing people know about Utah is the skiing, and the fact that the 2002 Winter Olympics were held there. I had always wanted to be able to attend an Olympic Games, but bemoaned the fact that they were always so far away. Then, my family (hubby and son and I) moved to Texas about 5 years before the SLC Olympic Games. Figures, doesn't it? *lol*

One thing that frustrates most visitors about Salt Lake City is the street-numbering system. It's actually quite logical, but takes some getting used to. Each 'block' consists of 100 numbers. It doesn't mean there are 100 addresses between each block, though. But what really confuses people is that "7th East" aka "700 East" means it is 7 blocks east of the center of town ... but the street actually runs north to south.

The Great Salt Lake is a nice place to visit. The salt content of the Lake is so concentrated (2nd only to the Dead Sea) that you CANNOT sink. I know this from experience. But you have to shower off REALLY WELL after a dunk, or you'll wind up with a white crust on your body before you leave the beach.

A lot of people like to see the Bingham Copper Pit too. It's a large open-pit copper mine (one of the largest in the US, if not the world). On the way up to the observation area, you pass by a tire that is used on one of the mining vehicles. It is so big that people can stand inside it ... which happens a lot when cameras are out!

The street my mother's house is on used to be THE BEST place to watch the summer fireworks (occurring on both July 4th and July 24th - which is Utah's statehood day). Then they built two ugly office buildings in the field in front of her house and now you have to be up in the living room to see anything.

So - what will my family be seeing and doing when we visit there in December? Well ... I hope to contact some of my old theatre friends. For the 5-6 years previous to my oldest son being born, I participated in about 5-6 plays a year ... sometimes acting, sometimes doing tech work, etc.

I'd like to take my kids to the Hogle Zoo, where I used to volunteer in the Children's Petting Zoo. I can't wait to see my boys' eyes when I tell them I used to handle a 6 ft long Burmese Python!

I'd like my family to see Park City, where I have many fond theatre memories. I did four plays there (acted in all) in roughly the span of a year: "Run for Your Wife", "Deadwood Dick", "Bell, Book and Candle", and "No Sex, Please, We're British!".

There is a lot of good hiking to be had in the area surrounding Salt Lake City. I consider mountains my "home", so living in Texas for 8 years was tough on me. Kentucky is a little less tamed than Texas, and although the hills are not on the scale of the Rockies and Oquirrhs (pronouced like the color 'ochre'), they are a pleasant and comfortable reminder of home.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Movies - LOCAL HERO

Imagine the scene: a remote ocean village in northern Scotland.

A Texas billionaire (Happer) wants to buy up all the land of the village so that his corporation can build an oil refinery complex. He sends "Mac", an employee with a last name that sounds Scottish, to negotiate the various purchases from the townspeople. On the way to the village, he and his driver have to stop in the middle of the road because the fog is impenetrable. They also hit a rabbit along the way (don't worry, it's only injured) and carry it along with them on the rest of their trip to the village.

The small hotel where they stay is run by "Urquhart" (ur-cut), who is to negotiate with the townspeople. "Mac" would prefer a package deal, which would be cheaper for his employer, while the townspeople would rather have many small purchases, to increase their bottom line.

Then Urquhart discovers a problem. One of the most important pieces of real estate in the deal is the local beach, which is owned by Ben, and old-timer who lives in something that is a cross between a shack and a lean-to ... by his choice. He's not interested in selling, nor in the fortune he could make. He's happy with his life. Mac and Urquhart begin to worry for Ben's safety, because without the beach, the deal is basically off ... and the town is more than a little irritated with Ben because he is standing in the way of their millions.

There is a very funny scene where has been to a town celebration and has indulged in the local liquor supply. He goes out to the phone booth - apparently one of the few telephones in the village - to call his employer. The townsfolk have made the rounds to get him enough coins so he can make the call. (I love small towns!) His employer Happer is also an avid astronomer and that for north in Scotland, the Northern Lights are visible. Mac is trying to describe them to his boss and says, "The colors are AMAZING - red, green, white ... no, that's the phone booth!"

Happer ends up coming to the village and decides still to purchase the land ... but for a sea wildlife sanctuary, not an oil refinery. The townspeople still get their money, the environment is protected and Ben doesn't have to sell up.

In the last scene, you see Mac back in his Texas condo, looking at all this things and then he sees something that reminds him of the village that "took him in" (as in into their hearts). The last shot is of the village at night ... and the phone in the booth is ringing.

I hope he makes it back.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - First Job, Worst Job, Dream Job

My first job was as a housekeeper at a condo hotel at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is near Salt Lake City, Utah. My first day was December 27th (although the year escapes me now *lol*). Minimum wage back then was $2.65. My first day, I helped clean the timeshare condo of the hotel CEO (or whatever his title was). Four days later, on New Year's Eve, it snowed so much that they closed the canyon and wouldn't let anyone in or out. So they had to put us up for the night and gave us $10 in food coupons (which back then was enough for a steak dinner).

My worst job? That's a toughie. They all have had their less than stellar moments. There was the time when I was delivering pizzas in a blizzard with 30 degree below windchill, with no gloves and only tennis shoes on my feet. Near frostbite sucked. The worst thing about the job I have right now is that your co-workers talk sweet and friendly and "teamwork" to your face and cut you down behind your back to anyone who will listen. I noticed that the day I walked in there (before I had been there long enough to become a target).

My dream job? Producer of live theatre plays on a full-time basis. Plain and simple.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Many of you know, I frequent Maya's Mom. Ok, ok, I live there. A recent photo challenge was to post a picture of a dog in costume. We had LOADS of fun with that, so I thought I might post a few more silly dogs in sillier costumes for your amusement:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I call this one "Count Dogula"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These are just a couple of hot dogs...:p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's SUPER DOG to the rescue!


And just for "fun", my friend at "Blessed Nest" has teamed up with "The Spoon Sisters" to host a really great giveaway contest for some pink-type items in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check it out here!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

13 Things That are NOT Going to Bother Me Today

1. The gripes from my co-workers about physical complaints and reasons why they can't do much.

2. That DH says he is driving to Texas next week to pick up some furniture from his mom and I'll be alone with the kids all weekend ... wondering.

3. That my mother is 84 and I haven't seen her in over 2 years.

4. That my mother is 84 and I haven't sent her pictures of the kids (ages 10, 9 and 4) in quite a while.

5. That the pay check is disappearing faster than the pay period ... AGAIN.

6. That my index finger first knuckles are getting little knobby-thingies on them and I'm worried about getting arthritis.

7. That it's getting colder and the gas company won't do less than a 200 gallon fill on the tank (about $400-$500).

8. That it's four days until my next day off.

9. That my 2 day headache is running into day 3.

10. That I'm only one year younger than my father was when he died.

11. That my gray hairs are showing more now that I got my hair cut from waist-length to chin-length.

12. That stores are putting out Christmas decorations and I don't even have a list of what to give whom!

13. That I've only given myself permission NOT TO WORRY about stuff for ONE day.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I did not know until just a few moments ago that there was an entire website dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky! I got a little shock of my own the 2nd time I looked at the little Kentucky outline on the homepage ... and am almost positive I didn't see what was there the first time around. Of course, I could just be tired and unobservant as well.

The colors and graphics lend well to the spooky theme and the link hovers are really ... well, just cute! :) When I visited, there had been 35,410 hits since January of 2006, and more than 20 reported sightings since the end of February 2007.

Even my husband and FIL claim to have seen "something" in the creek bottom area on FIL's land. Considering FIL doesn't even go down there during the day without a gun, I imagine it would be quite eerie at night. (That and the facts that there are wild animals that roam about back there and some folks from the area have been known to cross the fenceline and plant a little patch of marijuana on FIL's property and don't like visitors, KWIM?)

The way my husband tells it, they were walking down opposite sides of the clearing when something ran between them. There was not a lot of light that evening, so it was hard to see. It's funny really, when the moon is full, you can drive out in the country here without headlights and have no problem. Last night the power went off in our neighborhood, and I stepped out onto the back porch and could not see 5 feet in front of my nose!

Having never seen a creature like this myself, it is hard to express belief OR disbelief. But I know that there are "more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy" (from Hamlet-by W. Shakespeare).

So, do you have an encounter story? A ghost story? Do you think it's all delusions and hooey? Let me know in a comment! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Trips - Scotland

One place I've always wanted to go but have not yet been able to is Scotland. Why? I can't really explain. I know as much about Scotland as the average Jane ... Loch Ness, bagpipes, haggis, and the like.

Many of my favorite movies are set in Scotland or have Scottish themes: Braveheart, Rob Roy, Local Hero, So I Married an Axe Murderer.

In my first go-round at college, I chose a scene from Mary of Scotland by Maxwell Anderson. I went to the Scottish doodads store and got 'props'. I still can recite some of the dialog from memory ... and this has been nearly 30 years ago.

I've been doubled over laughing at the "Scottish" skits that Mike Myers did on Saturday Night Live. Here's my favorite quote from the three that I saw: "Scotch is a drink. Scots are a people. But we're BOTH quite tasty!" The 3rd sketch had Patrick Stewart in it and while I don't remember the specific item he was talking about anymore, I can tell you that the sequence is repeated at least 3-4 times a week in my house: "There are three sizes of (whatever): Wee, not-so-wee, and FRICKING HUGE!"

Travelocity has a flight plus 13 nights hotel package for $2168. CheapTickets has a package from $2237. Priceline.com from $2514. Expedia from $2327 ... and that's for one person. Do I have my work cut out for me or what?

Other destinations I would like to visit: Greece, Russia, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii (island of Kauai especially).

Anyway, I'll try to review a different destination each week. Got any places you'd like me to look up for you? List them in a comment!

Monday Movies - Dead Again

Dead Again is on my top ten favorite movies list.

I'm sad to see there is no site for the movie itself, but considering it was made back in the days when the internet was not such a spiffy place to be, maybe that is not too surprising after all. Maybe I'll have to do a fan site for it. Yeah! Like I have time for that!


Detective Mike Church (Kenneth Brannagh) is called by the administrator of the orphanage where he grew up for a "favor". A woman (Emma Thompson) has shown up with no memory and no voice and the padre wants Church to find out who she is. The detective really doesn't want to do this; his idea is to drop her off at the county hospital ... but it is *ahem* crazy there, and he winds up not leaving her there.

After putting her photo in the newspaper, Church is contacted by an antiques dealer (Sir Derek Jacobi) who says he can hypnotize the woman and help figure out what is wrong. So they go and under hypnosis, the woman describes the life of a woman who lived some 40 odd years before and was believed to have been murdered by her husband. She bears a striking resemblance to this woman. The house where the murder took place? *drum roll please* The orphanage.

Robin Williams does a funny (in a serious kind of way) turn as a psychiatrist turned grocery stockboy who provides the couple (Brannagh and Thompson's characters) some psychological insight.

Grace (Thompson) , after several sessions of hypnosis comes to believe that she was the wife (Margaret Strauss) and Mike was the murdering husband (Roman).

And those are not the only parallels to the past. It turns out the antiques dealer was the son of the Strauss's years before.

There is a GREAT twist at the end, but I won't tell you about it here. If you haven't rented this movie or seen it in the theatre, I would highly recommend it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - SORRY

46 Things That I Regret

Why 46? That's how old I am, and it's a LOT less than 100.

1. ...that I didn't answer my mother's concern about me entering a kiddie beauty show, voiced by a "if you can't win, don't enter" sentiment, with "If I don't enter, I can't win" response.

2. ...that I took off the day my father passed away, once a friend of my mother's came over to the house to be with her.

3. ...that I didn't sock the classmate that pinched my right nipple on the way home from 5th grade one day in his right eye.

4. ...that it took so dang long for me to stick up for myself.

5. ...that I haven't always been consistent with my anti-depressant meds. (I do much better now.)

6. ...that I need anti-depressant meds at all.

7. ...that I ever started smoking.

8. ...that I don't always speak up and bottle up my feelings sometimes.

9. ...that I didn't start having children sooner.

10. ...that the older I get, the less patience I seem to have.

11. ...that I EVER wound that big wad of gum around my neck when I was little.

12. ...that I didn't take better care of my teeth when I was younger.

13. ...that I can't seem to warm up to the family dog.

14. ...that I didn't take the steps down that hill at the park the day I broke my arm.

15. ...that I am not more sympathetic at times to my husband's myriad physical ailments.

16. ...that I have so many regrets.

17. ...that I didn't start blogging sooner.

18. ...that I lost touch with the stage acting world after my children were born.

19. ...that I haven't sent my mother pictures of my kids more regularly.

20. ...that I let a few people's opinions of my abilities change my college major from musical theatre to business.

21. ...that it took 10 years for me to start proving them WRONG!

22. ...that I got my tubes tied (even though having another child would probably kill me).

23. ...that I waste so much time on electronic, hand-held Yahtzee and Solitaire games.

24. ...that I didn't get this list done in one sitting (#24-46 are actually done on a different day.)

25. ...that my boy children are still awake at midnight.

27. ...that my front tooth hurts.

28. ...that I keep "forgetting" to eat the cheeseburgers my hubby made for me.

29. ...that I think the family dog got hit by a train, but I don't really want to go closer to see if it's her. *sigh*

30. ...that I sometimes dread calling my mother each week.

31. ...that I missed having a "tea party" with my daughter before I left for work today.

32. ... that I didn't bring home something to drink from work (can ya tell I'm reaching now?).

33. ...that I keep switching to another tab (Firefox) from here (ONLY) when my husband comes up behind me tonight. (He can tell I'm bummed.)

34. ...that each of my children don't have their own room.

35. ...that I don't enjoy cooking more.

36. ...that I'm not a better friend.

37. ...that I'm not a better house-keeper.

38. ...that my children ever have seen me depressed.

39. ...that I keep picking at this scabby bit on my arm.

40. ...that having my tubes tied did not result in cessation of menses.

41. ...that I procrastinate.

42. ...that I sometimes get halfway to a goal and then ... stop.

43. ...that I've tried to fit in too much in my life.

44. ...that I think more about the past than the future (or the present).

45. ...that I intend to go to church WAY more than I actually go.

46. ...that I thought, "Is that all" when I opened the birthday card from my mother and brother.

Well, now I'm thoroughly depressed. I'm going out on the porch to observe something nice ... like stars, and try to change my attitude.

This post was kind of inspired by an entry at the Sunday Scribblings blog.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Silliness (of the cute variety)

Before I was a Mom

I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom -
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom

I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom

I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put him down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom -

I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn't know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom -

I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache,
the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much, before I was a Mom.

(The picture and writing was sent to me without photographer/write info. If anyone knows who took the picture or wrote the mama-ode, I'll be happy to add that info.)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Movies - MISS POTTER

The first time I saw this movie was at work. Someone had brought in the DVD and we watched it with the ladies who live in the home. I fell in love with it. We watched it a total of two times there, and due to breaks and dinners and bathing, etc, I still didn't get to see the whole thing, so when I found in on satellite tv at home, I was THRILLED!

I'm sure most of you haven't seen this movie, so let me 'splain:

Renee Zellweger plays Beatrix Potter, the author of the Peter Rabbit books. Ewan McGregor plays her publisher turned fiance. Maybe because I like period movies, maybe because I like it when pretty actresses go out of their way to portray people who are not necessarily pretty, and maybe because McGregor was just so darned cute in this movie, it's making my Top 20 list of favorite movies...maybe even my top 10.

Beatrix is a 30 something unmarried woman living at home in late-Victorian England. Her parents "trotted out countless suitable suitors", all of which she turned down. She paints wonderful watercolors of rabbits and other little animals doing things like you and I would do, and writes stories to go along with it.

After being turned away by many publishing houses, she finally finds a family firm who agrees to take her, not so much, as it turns out for the worth of her stories, but to "fob off" on a younger brother (McGregor) who wants to work with them. I guess the older brothers think that the book(s) will fail miserably and then see that he does not need to bother them in the family business any more.

Well, surprise, surprise, the books are a huge success. Norman (McGregor) takes Beatrix to see the printing of the book, which for Victorian England , to have a woman visit a place like that was almost unheard of ... but she goes, elderly female chaperone in tow.

So the two fall in love. He proposes at her parents' Christmas party. When the parents learn about it, they oppose the union because Norman is a 'tradesman'. Shouting and arguments ensue. The parents come up with a deal. Beatrix may accept Norman's proposal but she cannot tell anyone yet - not even his family. The parents will take her to summer in the Lake District, and if they still are so "in love" at the end of the summer, the parents will give them their blessing.

Personally, I would rate their kiss on the train platform in the top 10 movie kisses of all time. There is a poignancy and yearning that goes so far beyond any lusty kiss you see these days.

I'll stop there in case you now want to see the movie so you can find out what happens there.

Some source material for the above was taken from the site, The Hollywood Reporter.


Now, a friend of mine is having a movie giveaway!

Remember the movie, "The Jungle Book"? Well, there is a 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition going, so be sure to check out her blog here!

Thanks to a soundtrack album (I know, that dates me) of Disney movie songs, I think I can still sing most of "The Bare Necessities" by heart!