Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspire Me Abundantly


OK, so if you caught my post from yesterday, you'll remember that I'm kind of having a love/hate relationship with my "One Word for 2013" of "ABUNDANCE".  

But abundance (as opposed to over-abundance, which is a whole other can of worms) is something I want to recognize more of in my life this year.  We don't have a lot of material wealth, but we don't go to bed cold and/or hungry either.  And we are blessed with many, many things that money cannot buy.  And, if you can have only one or the other, I'm quite satisfied with the type of abundance we do have, thank you very much. :O)

Anyway, I got crafty last night and this morning, while I was stressing about Chris's first day of on-site college classes in over, oh, 20 years?  (He took exclusively online classes last Fall.)  I joked that he should take the teacher an apple.  He laughed and the professor snickered when he was told.  At 45, hubby is older than the prof, who attends the same church with is family that my daughter and I do - what can I say, we live in a s-m-a-l-l town.

Oh, and I noticed when he came home that my l'il one had a spot of trouble dressing himself this morning, because his shirt was buttoned one askew.  But it was his first day and I didn't want to break his wee spirit, and I know he will get better.  (I may have to go outside with one of the puppies for a few minutes, before my giggles wake up the house.)

The 3rd graphic above is my attempt at similitude to the totally ROCKIN' "One Word" button made for me by Melanie of the Only a Breath blog, which button appears at the head of this post.  I don't know if she is still doing the freebies, but HERE is the post detailing her wonderful offering!  

Each disc is about 1" in diameter and made of white polymer clay.  The letters are made of hand-rolled strings of black clay with purple, lavender and kelly green accents.  I have no idea why I made flowers from the dots on two of the letters and it is (really) just coincidence that the two letters on which I did this were both "N"s".  Wonder what that means.  Hrmmmmnnnn....

They are as yet unbaked, and thank goodness for that, because then I still have a chance to correct that arthritic "U" and tighten up the "N's" and the D (which my husband mistook for an "O" at first, when he thought the word was in a language other than English). *ROFL*.  So far, I'm thinking of tying them together with ribbon through holes, in vertical fashion.  

Let me know in the comments any suggestions you might have as to how I can doll up this project, and if you are a new follower (so then I can follow you back).  I'm guessuming that I already follow everyone that follows me so far.  I'm kinda rabid about that...but I am also human.  I even started following a Norwegian language blog and a French-lanugage blog this week; Google Translate is a wonderful thing!

And click on that first button too, the one that says "Inspire Me Monday" to hop on over to Ramona at Create With Joy to get LOTS of inspiration from bunches of bloggers!  Hope to see you there!


  1. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll return the favor and follow my blog and/or FB fan page!

  2. Abundance is a really big word to fill at times :) however being blessed with a loving family is abundance in itself.

  3. That's a very thought-provoking word for the year, LuAnn! Now I'll be thinking about that the rest of the night... I'm your newest follower! Deb @

  4. Love what you did with your word!

    Abundance is such a rich word! Awesome post LuAnn!

    Create With Joy

  5. Country, Cindy, Deb, Ramona - I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog and apologize for having taken so long. I will do better in the future.