Friday, January 11, 2013

Friendship & Follow Friday

Combining the Friendship Friday blog hop at Create With Joy with the #FollowFriday doodad at Twitter, following is a list of the first 28 entries into the above hop, along with their Twitter page links:

Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith -
Blogging While Nursing -
Couponing & Cooking - could not find
Depart the Text - could not find
Hey Mommy Chocolate Milk - could not find
Jack’s Paper Moon – could not find
Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic -
Just Winging It -
Learning Lessons in Mummyography -
Live, Laugh, Love -
My Life as an Adventure - could not find
My Fashion Forward Blog -
New House, New Home, New Life - could not find
Raising Figure Skaters -
Scrapydo - could not find

And, for your convenience, twittable entries of the above for #FollowFriday.  I believe this can also be abbreviated #FF, but since I do not know, I'll do it longhand:

#FollowFriday @AroundtheTableB @breathoffaith @kalleyc @Paula_CallMePMC @CreateWithJoy1 @DearCreatives @epears12 @JanineHuldie

#FollowFriday @jahuston @Mummyography @livelaughhlovee @Loyturns60 @mfashforward @thenanahood @MarlingJulie @butifnot @raisingskaters

#FollowFriday @Jen_Avellaneda @selfsagacity @XMasDolly @totally_rachel 

And for those who would rather just RT my above tweets:

OK.  I'm tired, my eyes are blurry and I'm going to bed.  Any corrections or additions, leave a comment and I'll get to it during the day.  HAPPY FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY!


  1. Hope you had a great sleep; and yes on the "PMS", I have always said the same "putting up with men S**t" !

  2. thanks for visiting~! returning the follow on G+ and GFC have a happy friday ! paula

  3. Just wanted to stop by say hello - I'm your newest follower (returning your follow) and look forward to more visits. Have a great weekend.

  4. Yup, Cindy, it felt good! Thanks for stopping by the Porch! :O)

  5. Hey Paula, thanks for that recipe. We already have most of the ingredients and I'm texting hubbie to pick up the rest while he's out!

  6. You're welcome any time, Meryl. I enjoyed the balanced review of 2012 in pictures on your blog!

  7. I hope you had a nice sleep. I know what it is to feel like you've worn out!
    Thanks for stopping by. I am following you with GFC. Hope you will stop by and visit again soon!

  8. I will be back for sure, Amanda. And I like your idea about the need for more GNOs! :O)

  9. Thanks for the blog 'plug', LuAnn! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Oh thank you LuAnn for following me and so happy to be following back :) :)

  11. That is a lot of great people! Hope you have a great weekend! ;-)