Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's Get Abundantly Social

Let's Get Social Sunday

So, ok, when I picked the word "abundance" as my 'one word' for 2013, this isn't exactly what I expected.  

Two weeks ago, my husband's Mamaw was in the hospital.  She is 90, and at the time her blood sugar was over 500.  She also suffers from some dementia.  The prognosis at the time was not good.  We started talking about making sure the boys had some nice black pants.  That kind of "not good".  Then she was supposed to go to a nursing home (which had previously denied her due to verbal aggression - Mamaw is a plain-talking old hillbilly great-great-grandmother).  This time it was some MediCare snafu.  Whatever.  Now she is back at home, being looked after by two of her sons.  Uncle is nearly 70, and has asthma and a heart condition.  FIL is a few years younger, with diabetes, arthritis and had his right leg amputated above the knee before I met him.  We help out where and when we can.

Last week, our oldest (now 16) developed an abscess and went to the ER.

Yesterday, FIL was not feeling well.  His wife took him to the closest hospital, and they transferred him to the next biggest hospital with "kidney insufficiency".  When DH spoke with him, he said it was "just dehydration" and that he would be going home the next day (today).  He's still there, but should be home within a few days.  With his different infirmities, he takes more medication than some large circus animals, and needs to keep his fluid levels up.  Apparently the last little while he has not been doing such a good job with that of late.  I don't know how close he was to kidney failure...but it was probably within spitting distance.

On the one hand, I could look at it as "three family members, three hospital visits, three weeks"...that SUCKS!  On the other hand, I could say, "three family members, three hospital visits, three pretty decent outcoemes"...and that's pretty GOOD!

Still, I'm ready for a less stressful version of abundance to being manifesting in my life. ;)


  1. Oh dear, sounds like everyone and everything is coming down all at once. Stay well for yourself and your family.