Monday, January 28, 2013

Matrimonial Monday - A Wife's Work

   Marriage Moment

Sunday's wife loves the Lord.

Monday's wife uses the ironing board.

Tuesday wife takes care of her man.

Wednesday's wife learns to can.

Thursday's wife teaches her son.

Friday's wife haves some fun!

Saturday's wife helps a friend.

I Thank God that a wife's work will never end!


  1. Thanks, K, I appreciate you and your comments! That l'il poem just came out of my pencil onto the paper this morning.

  2. I love it, LuAnn! It might make a nice poem to go on a graphic to pass around on Pinterest and FB, ya think? I'd pin it! :) Thanks for your heart for marriage!

  3. Thanks Beth. Well, I did it. I've got Photoshop now, but pitiful skills. But it's a jpeg now. Purple Magneto bold 12 pt on a pink background. Now I just have to figure out whether to put it in a post or on a page. Got any suggestions? I also kind of want hubby's reaction. He hasn't seen it yet. Maybe that will be his Wednesday morning surprise in the truck on his way to classes. ^^

  4. Love it! Marriage in Prose! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you weekly.

  5. My pleasure, Renee. And I took Beth up on her suggestion to make it a graphic, which will get posted somewhere down the line. The button to your Marriage Moment hop is also on my "Linkies" page.