Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blogathon2 Update

Updated Goal List for Blogathon2

Goal or challenge completions are indicated in this color.
Goals or challenges which are in-process are shown in this color.

1.  I will participate in at least 3 mini-challenges; this works out to a rate of at least one per day.  My choices of which challenges in which to participate will be random.

* I have completed Mini-Challenge #1.  The page which details this challenge is located at How To Create a Blogging Planner on the blog A Jewel in the Making.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #2.  The page detailing this challenge is located at Give to Get on the blog  Holy Splendor.
* I am working on Mini-Challenge #3 as I write this post.  The page showing this mini-challenge is located at Grammar Police, also hosted by Holy Splendor.

2. print out the 2013 blog calendar x2 (one for this blog, one for my new blog, Prayers for My Marriage) 
* For Back Porchervations, I am using the calendar associated with Mini Challenge #1 (see above).  I will add copies of selected pages for successive months.
* For Prayers for My Marriage, I am using a blog calendar located at Confessions of a Homeschooler
3. Write a week’s worth of entries for Back Porchervations.

4. Enter the 1st month of “Praying for my Husband” on the PFMM calendar 
* I started the blog "Prayers for My Marriage" after participating in the Matrimonial Monday hop, hosted at A Proverbs 31 Wife and Exceptionalistic, on the 23rd of this month.  So I used the prayer cards from that date to start out instead of starting from the beginning of the 31 cards, or waiting to begin the series (or the blog) until the start of Februrary

5. 100 Facebook (31), 700 Twitter (616) and 100 Google+(51) 6. Have a finished blog button for both blogs

7. Start moderating comments in order to be able to respond to each one in an easier fashion.

8. Get 2x domans for my 2x blogs

9. Line up 1 incoming and 1 outgoing guest post x2

10. Set up one blog hop for each day of the week on BP

11. Participate in one blog hop (hosted on a friend’s blog) for each day of the week (for BP)

12. Set up one giveaway per month 2x 13. 101 in 1001

14. More shoutouts for outstanding blogs, bloggers, comments/ers etc etc etc

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