Monday, January 28, 2013

Blogathon2 Wrap-Up Post

Accomplishments During Blogathon2

* I have completed Mini-Challenge #1:  How To Create a Blogging Planner on the blog A Jewel in the Making.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #2.  Give to Get on the blog  Holy Splendor.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #3.  Grammar Police, also hosted by Holy Splendor.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #4:  Blog Brand Consistency on the blog Newlywed Survival.

I have printed out a 2013 blog calendar for each of my blogs.
* For Back Porchervations, I am using the calendar associated with Mini Challenge #1 (see above), adding copies of selected pages as needed.
* For Prayers for My Marriage, I am using a blog calendar located at Confessions of a Homeschooler
I created 4 new posts.

I have entered the first month of ideas on the Prayers for My Marriage calendar.
* I created the blog "Prayers for My Marriage" after participating in Matrimonial Monday, a blog hop hosted at A Proverbs 31 Wife and Exceptionalistic, on the 23rd of this month.  I used ideas from a set of prayer cards from Time Warp Wife, starting on that date.  I anticipate finishing that series of entries on the 22nd of February.

Facebook followers sent from 31 to 36.

Twitter followers increased from 616 to 657.

I'm in 58 Google+ circles, up from 51.

I have started moderating comments, so that I can be more responsive to my readers.

I started hosting my very first link-up: Mental Health Mondays.

I have a new page on my blog, with buttons to the link-ups in which I currently participate.


Did I get everything done that I set out to do.  Not by a log shot.

Am I feeling pretty danged proud of myself anyway?  HECK YEAH!

I'm going to miss my new Blogathon2 buddies, but I subscribe to most of them now anyway, so even that's not so bad.

Have a great week blogging, y'all!

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