Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blogathon2 Update 2

Let's Get Social Sunday

I've been updating my Blogathon2 kick-off post all weekend in order to keep track of my progress on my goals and mini-challenges.  I think it has taken on a life of its own.  Normally, I would not post something as gargantuan as this post, but sometimes a look into another's process can be a learning experience.  And there are a bunch of links to some pretty great posts, blogs and bloggers.

If I could ask one thing of you today, could you follow me on a couple of the social media sites?  I've got buttons in the sidebars that are linked to my profiles on various accounts.  I would be honored.

If I could do one thing for you today, I would promise to follow back and answer any comments on this post..

So, into the fray....

Updated Goal List of Blogaton2
Goal or challenge completions are indicated by crossing them off the list.
Goals or challenges which are in-process are shown in italics.

1.  I will participate in at least 3 mini-challenges; this works out to a rate of at least one per day.  My choices of which challenges in which to participate will be random.

* I have completed Mini-Challenge #1:  How To Create a Blogging Planner on the blog A Jewel in the Making.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #2.  Give to Get on the blog  Holy Splendor.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #3.  Grammar Police, also hosted by Holy Splendor.
* I have completed Mini-Challenge #4:  Blog Brand Consistency on the blog Newlywed Survival.

2. I have printed out a 2013 blog calendar for each of my blogs.
* For Back Porchervations, I am using the calendar associated with Mini Challenge #1 (see above), adding copies of selected pages as needed.
* For Prayers for My Marriage, I am using a blog calendar located at Confessions of a Homeschooler
3. I will write a week’s worth of entries for Back Porchervations. 2 down, 5 to go)

4. I have entered the first month of ideas on the Prayers for My Marriage calendar.
* I created the blog "Prayers for My Marriage" after participating in Matrimonial Monday, a blog hop hosted at A Proverbs 31 Wife and Exceptionalistic, on the 23rd of this month.  I used ideas from a set of prayer cards from Time Warp Wife, starting on that date.  I anticipate finishing that series of entries on the 22nd of February.

5. I will increase the number of my blog's (Back Porchervations)  Facebook followers from 31 to 100; 
* I have used the "Build Audience" tab in the Admin Panel to send individual messages and make a post to my personal FB page.(where it will show that thanks to mostly farm games I have 4400 "friends"). UPDATE: I have 34 followers.

I will increase the number of my blog's Twitter followers from 616 to 700;
I joined Twiends and Tweetbig in order to add some momentum to my Twitter business.  Too many links to follow from this Squidoo lens.
UPDATE:  I have 645 followers

I will increase the number of Google+ circles to which my blog belongs from 51 to 100.
I googled "how to increase followers on Google+" and picked the site WonderHowTo for ideas.
UPDATE:  I have 54 followers.

7. I will start moderating comments on both my blogs in order to increase my responsiveness to my readers.

8. I will get domain names for each of my two blogs.

9. I will have one incoming guest post (a post on my blog by someone else) and one outgoing guest post (a post on someone else's blog by me) for each of my two blogs.

10. I will host one blog hop each day at Back Porchervations

11. Back Porchervations will participate in at least one blog hop (hosted on another blogger's site) for each day of the week.

12. Both of my blogs will feature one giveaway per month.

13.  I will participate in the "101 in 1001" meme.

14.  I will do more  shoutouts to help build up by friends' blogs.


  1. looks like you are a busy woman...congrats on being able to scratch some things off the list! I am sure you will meet your other day at a time. You homeschool as well? Wow! I do too, I have two at home and one in college now...looking forward to reading more! Thanks for following my blog....I am humbled!

  2. Welcome Regina, glad to have you on the porch! Yes, I started out writing a list of goals I knew could not all be accomplished in a weekend, but every little bit helps. Kind of like the "Proverbs 31 Woman" - I may not attain that "ideal", but every step towards that goal is a step in the right direction!

  3. Glad to 'see' you, Deanna Lyn. We went to get my MIL's husband a bottle of wine for Christmas last year; so we bought a bottle of the kind of wine he likes...because the label looked nice! (I know, you're cringing. I'm sorry.) But you see how much I need your blog! :O)