Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#AtoZChallenge - All Gallow's Eve - A

In the past 24 hours, we've had a flat tire, DH has had to fix his father's lift in his wheelchair van and I was the recipient of an amazing kindness from someone I just 'met' a short while ago.  Oh, and my husband's great-uncle came and plowed our field for us - to the consternation of our dogs.  So my post today is going to be a little different than I had planned.

My chosen A to Z theme for this year is "All Gallow's Eve" a Halloween-inspired cozy mystery, set in Kentucky.  When people hear 'Kentucky', they usually think of 3 things:  the Kentucky Derby, the UK Wildcat men's basketball team (GO BIG BLUE!) and the Hatfield & McCoy feud.  But there's a lot more going for the state than that.  So, in the WIP (Gallow's), I will be bringing up some of our other interesting features!

So, where does the "A" stuff start, you ask?  Grab a drink, pull up a chair and I'll tell you!

Amish - At least in my county (Lincoln), there is a considerable population of Amish.  My FIL used to drive for them on their longer trips (PA, NY, MO).  Every once in a while, you will see a buggy outside the dollar store or see the traditionally garbed folks in WalMart.  There is an Amish butcher who we see for a side of beef or pork when our HUGE freezer gets low.  Uh-oh.

Yes, I'm going to get sidetracked and tell you a funny story.

My husband went to the butcher's farm one day, taking our then 11 year old daughter with him.  She brought along one of her small stuffed wolf toys.   The butcher made a joke about taking the toy in the back and 'packaging' it up for her.  Our daughter handed the toy to her dad, and ...

...squared off on the butcher, fists at the ready!

My husband nearly fell over from laughing.  The butcher came around the counter, knelt down in front of my daughter and said, "My dear, I would never hurt your friend."  And the moment was passed.

Suffice it to say, that at least one Amish character will be present in All Gallow's Eve.  Right now I'm leaning towards a woman, who while on a visit to a dollar store, becomes injured and needs help from my MC to get back home/to the hospital.

Last but not least, "Ale 8" is a ginger ale type soft drink made here in Kentucky.  I don't think it's sold anywhere else.  (Kind of like how Texas keeps Whataburger all to themselves, or nearly so.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts for Day 1 of the A to Z Challenge.  Let me know what you think in the comments?  I will return the visits and/or other engagements asap.


  1. Hi there, LuAnn - I really liked your post ('A' for Amish). I respect them very much. They're hard workers; it sounds like you and your family are also hard-workers. BTW, I gave a shout-out to your blog on for today's A-Z post. Take care!

  2. You're right, I would not have thought of 'Amish' in Kentucky, but I'm glad that you did. As a quilter, I have studied the Amish Quilters unique designs and their color theories with great interest...not to mention their use of treadle sewing machines and their expertly hand stitched quilts. Loved your butcher story...fists up...good job, girl.

    Really? No Whataburger in Kentucky? The new special 'Monterey Melt' is awesome. I'd send you one, but would probably not make the trip from Texas with the Melt part still melted.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
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  3. Interesting facts about Kentucky! I didn't know that Amish lived there, or that you had your own type of Ginger Ale. It's always fascinating to learn the uniqueness of each place and state. :)

  4. I'm fascinated by all things Amish, so I think adding that aspect to your story will be quite interesting.

  5. I don't have much experience with the Amish, but recently went into a store here that only features Amish made furniture, wonderful quality to it! The salesman said it would last forever and I believe him.


  6. Here in Virginia, we have Northern Neck ginger ale made, well, on the Northern Neck. But it's hard to find even here. And don't even get me started on the total absence of Amish butchers around here -- I wish we could import one. We do have a nice Mennonite dairy though - they've expanded into the ice cream business. Yay for that.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

  7. When I think of Kentucky, 2 things come to my mind immediately : @KentuckyGal and Kentucky Fried Chicken :P
    Looking forward to your tales from your land :)

  8. I love the way you're doing this. I'm looking forward to the rest of the topics!

    Jean, back from the Grand Tour and visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer Number 209 on the A-Z List.

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