Saturday, April 11, 2015

#AtoZChallenge - All Gallow's Eve - J


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Another Kentucky Derby tradition is a Mint Julep.  There are probably as many recipes for the "real mint julep" as their are mixologists in the State of Kentucky.  But commonly the drink contains:

1 oz mint syrup
2 cup ice
2 oz bourbon whiskey
splash of water

And it's the mint syrup that makes this drink a mint julep.  At, they list no less than twenty-one (21) 'julep' recipes, all but one of which call for springs of fresh mint leaves.

I'm thinking that at least one mint julep will show up in All Gallow's Eve, I just don't know in what context as of yet.

If you are someone that does not drink alcohol a Google search on the term 'non-alcoholic mint julep' yielded 45,900 results.  So there's no excuse (unless maybe you're allergic to mint).

The 2015 Kentucky Derby will be run on May 2, a Saturday.  I plan on raising some kind of glass at during the ruckus, and y'all are invited to join me!


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  1. I think they are refreshing drinks for hot summer days!


  2. Oh, yay! I think I'll have to go find a non-alcoholic mint julep recipe now. I love mint!

  3. I've never had a Mint Julep. I don't drink hard alcohol, but I'd be willing to try the real thing once.

  4. As you already know, I am a fan of mint juleps!

  5. Julep sounds like a cool refreshing drink!

  6. Hey LuAnn! I remember commenting on this post! Could you pls check your spam folder :)