Thursday, April 16, 2015

#AtoZChallenge - All Gallow's Eve - M


I guess I was feeling lazy yesterday, or maybe I was worried about the flooding state of emergency in our county, or both.  Anyway, I thought I would repost some pictures we took in Mammoth Cave in Western Kentucky.

Above is DD (dear daughter-sitting), DS2 and DS1.  DS2 is not really taller than DS1 (he might have been standing on a rock.  And since then he has 'grown into his height'.  He's definitely not as stocky anymore.  But in this silhouette, he does look AMAZINGLY like his paternal grandfather.

This was in the first chamber where we topped for some history information.  That was after descending some 400 stairs.  Now, since I got kicked in the knee at a job 4-5 years ago, and had an operation on that same knee. I can count the number of times on one hand that I have not gone down steps like a toddler, both feet landing on each step one foot after the other.  There was simply no time if I did not want to hold up the entire group.  I was holding onto the railings for dear life.

There were four (or maybe five) tours available from that area going to different parts of the 400 mile cave network.  We chose a medium-length tour.  The kids kind of wanted to do that one, and I did not want to be what made us choose something else.  The guides made several general warnings before we left about the degree of difficulty on the hike and anyone who thought they might have trouble could till back out.  I was *ahem* not thinking straight and said, "No problem!"  

It was that with that thought of not disappointing my children (and not wanting them to worry about me) , and with God's help I made it through without having to be carried out.  I was 'purt near' delirious by the time we got to the final chamber.  When they said, up the walkway and outside, I think I bit on my tongue to keep from crying tears of joy! *lol*  (Yeah, sure, NOW I can laugh about it!)

There was a 3-4 hour drive home, interrupted by stopping at a restaurant.  We had never been there before, but I swear that was just about the best food I have ever tasted!  (It is a regional chain, and we have visited several of their locations since then.  The food is really good, but that day ... mmm, mmm, GOOD!)

And I don't know about the kids but my husband admitted being sore the next day.  Me?  I could hardly move for the following two days.  

I wasn't born in the hills of Kentucky, but I have some of the mule-stubbornness that seems to run in my in-laws' family.  And my father's side of my ancestors came from West Virginia, next door to the east from Kentucky.  Maybe all this contributes to my love for the Appalachian region.

One word of caution - if you ever take one of the Mammoth Cave tours, make sure someone in your party has a working flashlight.  (In our case, of course, the park rangers all had flashlights.)  Because, if the lights go out while you are down there, you cannot see your hand even if it is touching your nose.


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  1. Wow Feel like you took my into the cave. I'd love to go into a crystal cave, heard the echo and sound are filled with resonance.:D. Well maybe I'd take a backpack full of flashlight now after reading your article.

  2. I think I would have been like you, sore and not moving for a few days afterwards. Glad you did it though for the fun of doing it with the kids.


    1. I had my oldest when I was 35 and my youngest when I was 41, so it's a challenge some days. But it's all worth it. Thanks betty!

  3. My parents took us to Mammoth Cave many years ago. It is an amazing place and you are right, you can't see anything when they turn off the lights!

    1. I guess is a parent thin, Mimi. My parents took my brother and me to Carlsbad Caverns when we moved from Maryland to Utah many moons ago. :O)

  4. wow!! I love caves, thank you for sharing, I just stopped by to say Hello from the A-Z blogging challenge,
    fellow blogger
    Kim in Australia

    1. I so appreciate your visit, Kim! I'm determined to return visits, but I'm running a little behind schedule - but I'll get there!

  5. I have never been to Mammoth Caves- but one of my friends went this summer and her pictures were amazing. I would love to visit them- but maybe I would take an easier tour. Your pictures are beautiful and the caves look fantastic. Sorry the tour was harder than expected, but glad you made it through okay. :)