Saturday, April 11, 2015

#AtoZChallenge - All Gallow's Eve - I


I was going to write a little about the ice storms we get here in Kentucky.  A couple of years back, there was a paralyzing ice storm in Kentucky.  Power was out in parts of our rural county for almost two weeks.  Part of me knows that with a widespread outage like that, the power company will help more people by getting the power (and heat) back on in more populated areas first.  Part of me resents having to wait until last.  Luckily, the country turns out a pretty gritty kind of resident.  At the time, we came to Chris's paternal grandmother's house, because she had a wood-burning stove in her kitchen (in additional to the one normally used for cooking. 

Well, Mamaw passed in 2011, and last year we bought her house from my father-in-law and his two brothers.  So when we had a couple of (less severe but dang cold nonetheless) ice storms this last winter, we were ready.  

But, I'm not going to go into more detail because I am very sad tonight.

A few weeks ago, one of our dogs had eight puppies.  One of them was a runt, about half the size of her brothers and sisters.  I've been losing sleep the last couple of weeks, getting up several nights a week to feed her with an eyedropper.  She seemed to be picking up and we felt safe enough to leave as a family for a couple of hours tonight.

When we came back, she was Gone.  Not as in missing gone, but Gone with a capital G.  As in the 'big sleep'.  As in "All Dogs go to Heaven".  My daughter, who is taking it worse than I am, called her "Ivory".  Chris and our oldest son called her "Runt".  I took to calling her "Little Bit".

Cup you hand for a minute.  Not both, just one.  Imagine a puppy small enough to fit there with space left over.  Little Bit was that little.  But she had a big heart.


  1. Hey, I hit "post" on the above before the clock struck the final bell of midnight, so I'm counting this post as IN ON TIME! :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the lost pup :(

    I have never been in an ice storm; I can't imagine losing power for that long!


    1. Thanks betty! I've never been so creative at mealtime, I can tell you that! *lol*

  3. Sorry about Little Bit - that breaks my heart. It must also be sad for Mother Dog.
    Sending hugs your way.

    Re the ice storms, sounds like you've got it under control with that wood burning stove.

    PS I loved your comment over at my place - made me laugh - I'm that way without cigarettes - I can't imagine if I was trying to give them up! Oh well…

    Sent with smiles, Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

  4. I am sorry about the puppy, that is always tough, especially after believing the best. And you're right, country folk are a tough lot and far more resourceful than many can imagine.

  5. Oh! So sorry about the loss of the lil one. Hugs LuAnn!

  6. Please accept my condolences for the loss of that precious little pup. We bottle raise orphaned kittens, and not all of them make it, and it's a heart wrenching feeling, especially if you think they have a good chance.

    A friend of mine who lives in Kentucky ended up having to move to a hotel for two weeks because of the ice storms last year. Pipes burst in her kitchen, so she and her husband had the water cut off while it was repaired.

  7. Aw. I'm so sorry about your loss of Little Bit. That just breaks your heart. They can be so delicate at that age and size. How wonderful that Little Bit knew love and comfort while she was here even if it was way too short a time.

    Anna @ herding cats & burning soup