Friday, April 3, 2015

#AtoZChallenge - All Gallow's Eve - C


Caves & Coffee

JC Hatfield is the female MC in my WIP, All Gallow's Eve.  Her BFF, Sheila Bonner, runs a coffee bar type establishment, think of a cross between a Mom & Pop Cafe and Starbucks.  (And no, I am not getting paid by Starbucks.  *LOL*  I wish!)  Gourmet coffees and pastries, etc.  Maybe you'uns (Kentucky's version of y'all) can help me with something on that count.

When I started actually writing scenes for the book, I called the coffee bar "Springs Into Action".  I have no memory of where that came from.  Then when I was making a list of daily topics for the A to Z, and wanting to incorporate more than a few setting elements relating to Kentucky, I came up with the name "Coffee Cave".  There are many, many caves in Kentucky, several quite close to our home.  Those particular caves are rather small.  There is, of course, Mammoth Cave, with approximately 400 miles worth of chambers etc. in western Kentucky.

Here's a picture of one of the chambers of the cave, with an entrance to the next room:

(picture taken by someone in our family, probably my husband)

Which name for Sheila's coffee bar do you like better..."Springs Into Action" or "Coffee Cave"?


I spent most of my first ten years in Cumberland, MD, so I was really rather delighted to find several 'Cumberlands' right here in Kentucky.  The two most notable locations with that name in our area are Lake Cumberland and Cumberland Falls.

Lake Cumberland is big for water sports, including fishing and boat racing.  

(By Habigrm2 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Cumberland Falls is the site of the only moonbow in the US:

(from a page about Cumberland Falls)

Mammoth Cave, Lake Cumberland and Cumberland Falls are probably all too far away from the intended setting of All Gallow's Eve in Eastern Kentucky.  But since one of the possible name for the coffee bar is "Coffee Cave", it was kind of relevant.

And after all, All Gallow's Eve will be a work of fiction, so you never know what is going to 'show up' until you read it (or someone tells you).  And I don't even know yet, so all of us will just have to wait!

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. What a pretty lake that Lake Cumberland is! Looks like a big one too! I like to visit some caves but they have to be big ones as I'm a bit claustrophobic, so enjoyed Carlsband Caverns :)


    1. On the tour my family took, most of the 'rooms' were fairly huge, betty, but some of the passages were a squeeze. It was the up and down that just about did me in. My legs hurt for DAYS! But I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

  2. I like the name The Coffee Cavern :)

    That picture of Mammoth Cave is very striking.

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles
    Wittegen Press

    1. Cavern. I hadn't thought of that. I like that one too! And the cave was amazing. There were four or five different tours we could have taken and I'd eventually like to do them all, but I don't know I could do the same one over again, unless I stop aging altogether (or get in a LOT better shape)! :O)

  3. Hmm.. I do kindof like Coffee Cave! It evokes somewhere very cozy, perhaps with some serious mood lighting. And twinkle lights! haha
    Happy C day :)
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

    1. Oooh, I never even thought of cave decor! What fun! Thanks for stopping by, AJ!

  4. As you say it is fiction, so make it Cumberland Coffee Gallows if you want to. Although I do like Coffee Cave or how about Coffee Caverns or Cavernous Coffee Grounds. Like I say it's fiction. Really...there is a Mammoth Cave?
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
    Minion for AJ's wHooligans

    1. Indeed there is, Sue! I'm leaning towards Coffee Cave now, I think. :O)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, TaMara! Maybe I'll ask my daughter to draw me some concept pictures...she loves to draw. :O)

  6. Lake Cumberland looks so beautiful! And I'll vote for Coffee Cave too :)