Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Do Ya Think About That - #atozchallenge

The song for today is Montgomery Gentry's "What Do Ya Think About That".  It's one of those that is 'disabled by request' but if you'd like to view it, you can do so here.  This is one of my all-time favorites.


From the A-to-Z-inizer, we get:


Now I logged into Twitter
And saw some blogger didn't like my A to Z.
How'd they find out about it
When it hasn't even posted
Is what just puzzles me.

Now I could go to war on Twitter, that's for sure
But what good would that do.
I don't want to waste my time
I've got matters more sublime
To turn my attention to

There will always be people who have to see
Others brought down low.
I'm not going to worry
'Bout the ones who say "no" 'cause that don't make it so
I will not feel down about people who frown
And try to discourage me
I won't be down long, my heart still holds a song
I will get published some day.


Many thanks to Jeremy at Hollywood Nuts! for the letter graphics.
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  1. I like it! This was my first time taking part in the A to Z Challenge. Thanks to all of you who helped make it a success. It's a pleasure meeting you. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  2. Oh yes, you will get published real soon!! Good take on the original song :)

  3. Got to sit on my back porch and listen to Montgomery Gentry a few times during our state fair. We live very close to the fairgrounds. :) Nice to find your blog!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff

  4. I doubt Twitter wars are worth it.
    Happy A to Zing! I love the title of your blog. :-)