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Montana Wild by Roni Hall - #review

Spiraling downward after losing two loved ones within one week, Jamie’s world was closing in…until she grabs an unexpected lifeline and escapes. Knowing only New York City, Montana is another world and she is unprepared by how the land, the people and even the animals touch her.

After risking her life to save a child, Jamie shares an undeniable bond and the beginning ripples of deep emotions with her co-rescuer, Kevin. However, her past follows her to Montana and threatens all that she loves there.

Jamie has no choice but to hurt Kevin in order to save his life and returns to New York with her ex, Derrick. Broken, Kevin refuses to believe she doesn’t love him and searches for Jamie, only to find her in Derrick’s lair. Once again Jamie tries to protect Kevin but this time gets caught in the cross fire…



To be frank, I was expecting the usual romance novel.  There was plenty of romance in Montana Wild, but SO. MUCH. MORE!

Jamie is a home health-care nurse and Jacob, one of her terminally ill clients, passes on.  Jaime was very attached to Jacob, and has been conversing by telephone with Jacob's nephew, Kevin, who lives in Montana.  They've grown emotionally close through their daily calls, which have continued even after Jacob's passing.  Then, within the same week, the woman Jaime considers her 'second mother' also passes away.

Jamie needs a distraction, or at least a change of venue for a while.  She agrees to fly to Montana and go on a 4-day river rafting trip with Kevin and a group of his friends.  After they've pulled the rafts out of the water for the last time, the 8-year old boy, Tommy, who has come on his first rafting trip with his father, falls from some rocks and into the river, not too far upstream of some dangerous rapids.  The story of how Jamie jumps in to save Tommy is expertly related by the author, Roni Hall.  This was one of the most natural, plausible and riveting scenes I've ever read.

I looked down at the 'percentage read' indicator on my Kindle and it was not far into the book, and I begun to wonder what Ms. Hall could do to top that.  There were two more instances in Montana Wild that could have separated Jamie and Kevin for good.  The first was where an old 'girlfriend' of Kevin's shows up at the ranch and settles herself into Kevin's home.  Jamie has just begun opening her heart to Kevin and she feels slapped in the face by this occurrence.  The second possible separator comes in the guise of the devil himself, Derrick, Jamie's abusive and possessive ex.

Jamie agrees to go to NYC with Derrick, because he has threatened everyone she has come to love in Montana and she wants to protect them.  The denouement was so enthralling, I literally did not let go of my Kindle until I had read it all!

So yes, Montana Wild is a romance.  But it is the most suspenseful, thrilling romance I have ever read!  I wish I could 'sticky' place it at the top of my Kindle list, because I know I'm going to want to read this book again!



The summer after high school graduation, Roni worked two jobs to pay for nursing school. During the midnight shift as a waitress, a charismatic young man at the counter flirted with her for hours as he consumed seven cups of coffee.  Their first date was eventful enough to be a book itself! Thirty-seven years and two kids later, the love story continues. Just like her novels, life can’t be too simple and you must make it an adventurous ride!

Her favorite place to write is in her hammock at their small Michigan cottage where she literally dodges the feeding hummingbirds while being serenaded by the lake’s loons.  Besides writing, she loves Slow Rollin’ in Detroit and the combination of good food, better wine, and dear friends.

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(Disclosure:  I received this book from the author and publishers via Barclay Publicity in exchange for my honest review.  Click on the button just above to go to the Barclay site to see all the books they have and will be touring in the future!)

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