Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vacation - #atozchallenge

Today's song is "Vacation" from the Go-Go's:


From the A-to-Z-inizer, we get:


Can't seem to concentrate on writing
So many distractions emerging
Now my door is locked
And I'm ready to rock
Tomorrow, a day that I am looking forward to

Sit at a blank screen
Wonder what I
Will write and then the lightbulb
Goes on and the words will start to flow

A to Z
Sundays, what a breather
A to Z
Sundays calling me
A day to
Charge up for the week ahead!


Many thanks to Jeremy at Hollywood Nuts! for the letter graphics.
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  1. I love The Go-Go's and this is one of my favorite song of theirs.

  2. Love the Go-Go's! --Oh, I miss A to Z challenge! I might have to do one on my own ;) --Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. I sure miss the book blogging community.