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Silence of the Lamps by Karen Rose Smith - #review #giveaway

Caprice’s house staging is disrupted by Drew Pierson, a caterer who opened Portable Edibles, a business in direct competition with her sister Nikki’s Catered Capers. Nikki turned down Drew as a possible partner and he seems determined to undermine and bury her. However his successful launch of a deal for his blackberry barbecue sauce must have stirred up his enemies. When Nikki visits the house where Drew lives with his grandmother to resolve differences, she and Caprice find him dead–murdered with the base of a valuable Tiffany lamp.

Caprice discovers clues about Drew’s sly business dealings–from stealing recipes from another chef, to friends who hold grudges, to a sister who will now inherit half of her grandmother’s estate since Drew is dead. In the midst of her own romantic relationship upheaval, helping her uncle set up his pet sitting-business, assisting a friend care for a pregnant stray cat, Caprice follows the suspect trail, inadvertently putting herself in danger once more.

GILT BY ASSOCIATION, Book 3 February 2015
DRAPE EXPECTATIONS, Book 4 August 2015
SHADES OF WRATH, Book 6 December 2016



Drew.  He's quite a despicable character.  He has pseudo-romantic relationships with women to advance his career, not caring about the women.  He steals recipes from the internet, his boss and even the internet and passes them off as his own.  He steals customers from, and threatens to ruin other caterers in town.  (I could go on, but you get the drift.)

But did he deserve to die like that?

His sister is not much better.  She is a suspect, because with her brother's death, she becomes sole heir to the fortune of their grandmother.  Gimme a "T"; gimme a "A"; gimme a "C"; gimme a "K", gimmie a "Y".  What's that spell?


Because that is what the sister is.  At the gathering at grandma's after Drew's funeral, she has an appraiser going through her grandmother's home valuing the furnishings.  She's also trying to convince her grandmother to move into a 'home' so she can get her hands on the things 'early'.  I swear, if her brother hadn't just died, I'd be tempted to slap that girl upside her tacky head!

Poor Grannie!

Caprice's sister Nikki is not having a good time either.  Drew was her apprentice, but she has no fond memories of their time together.  She rebuffed his attempted personal advances.  He stole her bbw sauce recipe and sells it in bottles now, making a lot of money from it.  They have a VERY public argument at a local Wedding Expo not long before Nikki and Caprice find Drew dead in his and Grannie's house.

So, Nikki is also a suspect, and Caprice does what any good sister would do and investigates on her own to find proof that Nikki didn't kill Drew.  If you hazard a guess that Caprice manages to tick off both the local LEO's and the murderer(s) (I don't do spoilers), you would not be incorrect.

Ms. Smith wrote a very exciting book!  (And I would almost like to slap myself upside the head for missing the first four books in the series!)  At least I have time until December to catch up before the next Caprice adventure comes out!



Award winning and best-selling author, Karen Rose Smith’s plots are all about emotion. She began writing in her early teens when she listened to music and created stories to accompany the songs. An only child, she spent a lot of time in her imagination and with books–Nancy Drew, Zane Gray, The Black Stallion and Anne of Green Gables. She dreamed of brothers and sisters and a big family like her mother and father came from. This is the root of her plotlines that include small communities and family relationships as part of everyday living. Residing in Pennsylvania with her husband and four rescued cats, she welcomes interaction with readers on social media.



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