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Happy Book Birthday! - Endless by Misha Gerrick - #review

“First, do no harm.” Blake Ryan swore that oath to become a doctor. Ironic, given that he spent most of his thousand year life sucking souls out of other immortals.

Things are different now. Using regular shots of morphine to keep his inner monster at bay, Ryan has led a quiet life since the Second World War. His thrills now come from saving lives, not taking them.

Until a plane crash brings Aleria into his hospital. Her life is vibrant. Crack to predators like him. She’s the exact sort of person they would hunt, and thanks to a severe case of amnesia, she’s all but defenseless.

Leaving Aleria vulnerable isn’t an option, but protecting her means unleashing his own inner monster. Which is a problem, because his inner monster wants her dead most of all.

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Sometimes when you meet an old flame when you are out and about, things can get very awkward.  To say that Ryan and Aleria have a 'complicated history' would be to 'damn with faint praise'.   Now there are love relationships, and hate relationships and love-hate relationships.

That last one sums up Ryan and Aleria's past.  You see, Ryan is a griffon, used to be part of  'The Firm' (which is analogous to the CIA being called 'The Company'), and is the head griffon's son.  Part of a griffon's raison d'etre is to kill phoenixes.  Aleria is a phoenix.  She is daughter of the chief.  She is also a protector, which happens when a phoenix swallows the blood of a griffon.  On her flight into town, Aleria took down three terrorists (who happened to be griffons), but lost her memory.  She saved many lives, but was gravely injured.  Luckily for her, she has amazing powers of regeneration.

Ryan, along with his half-brother Nick have spent hundreds of years alternately trying to kill Aleria and falling in love with her.  Rarely, if ever, have the words 'true love never did run smooth' rung with more truth.

One thing I found particularly interesting about Endless, was the alternate or new explanation on how humans become vampires - by drinking griffon blood.  Vince is a vampire who was a policeman before he 'died'.  Vince's old partner is Nick's current partner on the force.  Vince makes several key saves of the brothers griff.  I hope he continues in future installments in this series.

I say that because there had better be more installments.  Now, I can't say how things ended up because I don't believe in giving 'spoilers'.  Why ruin a reader's fun?  The ending seemed a bit abrupt to me, but that's only because I was so involved or engaged with the story.  One thing I know, I have G.O.T. to find out what happens next!

Even though Endless involved two immortal species, Ms. Gerrick's world seemed very real and plausible to me.  The characters were, for lack of a better term, 'flesh and blood'.  I could totally see running into a Ryan or Nick, especially if Ryan looked like the actor who portrayed Damon on "The Vampire Diaries". *winkwink*

I should mention that there is some violent episodes in the city, but then when two immortal species are bent on destroying each other, violence will out.  There are also a couple of sexual scenes that go into more detail than I normally like to read about, but at least they are tastefully done.

This is the first of Ms. Gerrick's book that I have read.  If her other series (The War of Six Crowns, and Untethered Realms) are as good as Endless, I will need another bookshelf so I can add more Gerrick books to my library.



Misha Gerrick lives in South Africa with four family members, six cats, three dogs, one parrot and an army of imaginary friends. 

You'll probably find she's working on her next book.


Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers in exchange for my honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.)

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