Friday, April 8, 2016

Get Off Of My Cloud - #atozchallenge

That's right, no musician is safe!  Today's song is a parody of Get Off of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones.


I've written an A to Z blog for every day - of this week
Now I'm at my computer and I wonder
How I accomplished this feat.
It's Sunday and I'm going outside - and dance in bare feet
Then I get dressed, some of my writing friends - to meet.

We say, Hey! You! It is my weekend
Hey! You! I'm out with my friends
Hey! You! The fun never ends!
We're fueling up for another week
Of writing fun!


  1. That was fun. I had to get to the chorus before I could keep the tune straight in my head though.

    I've tried to do song parodies. I'm just not good at them.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and actually being one who read it. I'm not a fan of the people who leave generic comments.

    1. Yeah, sometimes the syllables just don't match up. I try to leave meaningful comments when I blog hop. Have a good weekend, Brett!

  2. We all need a break. Congrats finishing the week.

  3. Congratulations for finishing the week! Loved your fun take on the song. Cheers.