Monday, January 6, 2014

Peer Pressure

NaBloPoMo January 2014  

I had to do a little brain-wracking on this one.  
I suppose I could use the occasion of my first 'party' in  high school.  My friend's parents were out of town and she was going to have a party.  So I went.  So there was whiskey sour punch.  I had some ... to fit in.  It tasted awful.  (Of course, this was the first time I had had anything more than beer - but I never liked the taste of that either.)
There weren't many people there, so another friend and I went up a nearby canyon to a keg party to find some more people.  I got separated from this friend - there was a band playing there, and a fair amount of chaos - but we met up again and went back to the house.  More folks were there when we got back, including some mutual friends.
I remember going into the downstairs bathroom and locking the door.  In hindsight that was a very good thing, because I think I passed out on the floor.  I woke to someone knocking on the door and stumbled out, and some of the friends being in the room and sniggering a bit.  Later I fell asleep on a couch in the living room.
The next morning, I woke up from a telephone call from my parents telling me to come home so we could go to church.  Yikes!
I had a choir practice later that day, where I was the accompanist.  A few friends who had been there the night before came walking in and just laughed when they saw me.
Dumb, dumb, dumb!  (But at least that was the only time it happened.)

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