Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Not Doing Resolutions This Year

Toni at One Chocolate Box asks, "What are your resolutions this year? How do you plan to achieve your goals?"


I'm not 'doing' resolutions like I usually do.

A few days ago I came across a blog post "Resolutions Stink:  And What Works Better for Me" at  She had gotten an idea from a post at titled, "Resolution Revolution:  A Better Way to Start Your Year".  She advocates the use of one word as kind of a guiding principal for the year.

The word that chose me was "order".  Actually, it had to beat up another word that was vying for my attention too.

Last year, I was blessed to have Melanie at "Only a Breath" make me a button with my word for 2013 (abundance).  A couple hundred other people were blessed as well, and I think she wore herself out.  This year she offers a free template on her blog.

Save the blank template to your hard drive, then upload it to to add your own "one word" in the font and color of your choice, just like I did.



While my "one word" replaces resolutions, it does not replace goal-setting.

I found a free book on (free as of 9pm Eastern US time on 12/29):

If it's not free by the time you read this, you can go to and get the first chapter and a download of the worksheets for your email address.

A partial list of my 12-month goals (by December 31, 2014) would be:

1.  We have rebuilt our savings after purchasing a house in 2013, and have 3 months emergency funds.
2.  We raised a large garden this year, and supplied 50% of our fresh fruits and vegetables.

1.  I have run a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
2.  I have an Etsy shop up and running.

1.  I will have gotten my blood pressure down to 120/80.  
2.  I get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least 3x per week.

1.  I will have documented my family history back to the ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War.
2.  My husband and I take turns planning at least semi-monthly date nights.

Overall Happiness
1.  I will have read the Bible and the Book of Mormon cover to cover.
2.  I volunteer personally (and with my family) at least one time per month.

Celebrate the New Year by leaving a comment with one (or more) of your goals for 2014.  Let's work together to ROCK THIS YEAR!!!


  1. I haven't don "resolutions" for a few years. It always feels too restrictive since priorities change and some things turn out not to be realistic. I started setting "goals" instead and then just evaluating whether I made no progress, some progress, or completed them. Last year if I had made resolutions I'd have felt like I failed on all but two, but I actually made a lot of progress on several of them even if I didn't make my actual goal. Instead of doing yearly goals, this time I'm doing 101 in 1001: 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.

  2. I've heard of that project before phoenixxphyre, and it sounds like a good one! Thanks for visiting. Have a great New year!

  3. That's a really good way of thinking about resolutions. I wish you all the best, and I'll be checking in on you throughout this year ;)

  4. Thanks, Toni! I'm glad I found your New Year project! It's the most excited I've been about a New Year in ... A-G-E-S! :O)

  5. Aww thanks LuAnn, I'm glad you're excited too :D