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The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow by Sally Huss - #review

The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow! (Happy Children's Series, #2)The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow! by Sally Huss
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Patrick loved all colors, especially the color yellow. Even the color green, which was good, because Patrick was a leprechaun. Because, you see, leprechauns always wore green.

Along with the age-appropriate drawings, is an enchanting tale of a little boy who loves, but is not allowed to wear the color yellow. He follows a rainbow to the end, for at the end of every rainbow, is the pot of gold, and gold was...yellow! Patrick didn't stop to think that he might be missed.

Luckily, Patrick's mother is an observant type, and has a hunch that Patrick has followed the rainbow because of his love of yellow. And, indeed, Patrick is found at the end of the rainbow with his new friend, a golden retriever!

I liked several of the themes that ran through this book. Children can learn that being different, or liking different things is ok. Expressing those ideas is also a good thing. Patrick learned to tell someone where he is going next time.

There is a 'lesson' for children in each book, and Ms. Huss has been a prolific writer, to say the least. Now I'm hoping that I get some grandchildren soon so I won't feel funny buying multiple children's books at one time!

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