Monday, January 7, 2019

Brownie Points for Murder by Nicole Ellis - #review

Brownie Points for Murder (Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery #1)Brownie Points for Murder by Nicole Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chose to read Brownie Points at this time for a couple of reasons. The start of 2019 brings about the start of yearly reading challenges, and as you see from my tags, I tend to enter a number of challenges. Also, the last book I read had a series of entirely too creative murders, so I was looking for something a little less intense.

The cozy mystery genre is one of my favorite and 'Brownie Points for Murder' is a great example of a cozy mystery. You've got your small town setting in Washington State. The main character is in love with a lawman, although this time two couple are actually married at the beginning. Jill's tight circle of friends is most in-laws, but they're nice folks

Her very pregnant sister-in-law, Desi, has trouble with her blood pressure (and don't I know THAT feeling.). Desi had suffered a miscarriage some time before, so everyone was naturally very concerned about her condition. The local LEOs come calling at a family supper one night, wanting to question Desi (downtown!) because some of her brownies are suspected of being poisoned and used in the murder of the town Scrooge. That went about as well as can be expected, so Desi went to the hospital and was put on hospital bed rest until delivery.

There were several sub-plots that made the story very interesting. Unusual and unknown family connections weaved in and out with sometimes sec et business deals. Jill goes over several job opportunities and wonders about going back to work.

Jill was (and is) a great cozy heroine. I especially liked that she wasn't a 'Stepford' wife, all perfect and hello 1950's. It's kind of inspiring like those of us who have bad hair days, and whose last night of decent sleep was before our children were born, can have exciting lives too!

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(Disclaimer:  I 'purchased' this copy for free at Amazon, having received an email from deal-notification service such as BookbubBookRioteBookSodaFreebooksyRobin's Reads, etc.  I was under no obligation to review.)


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