Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Inspiring, Creative Days in the Garden

  Secret Obsession

Welcome to my "31 Days" kick-off post!  What is "31 Days" you ask?  Well, grab your favorite beverage, put on your fuzzy slippers and chillax, because we're going to have some FUN!  "31 Days" is a blogging challenge conceived and hosted by "The Nester", where participants pledge to blog every day in the month of October on a single subject of their choosing.

It is one of my goals to get to the point that we can produce at least half of the food we consume on our farm.  We moved in in mid-July this year, and while we got some plants out, the produce has not been staggering, to say the least.  But we did get some, and I have learned a whole lot.  So, I'm not waiting for next spring, I'm going to start getting all my ducks in a row this month!  Hence my theme of "31 Days in the Garden".  (Oh, and I'm rather inordinately proud of my little "31 Days" button that I made on PicMonkey - a free online service.)

What follows today are a list of the topics I will cover during the month.  As each post goes live, I will come back and create a link from the list to each day's post.  And since I am a novice gardener (unlike my husband, whose family farmed for years and generations), any tips y'all have will be most appreciated.

Please note:

  1. The links in parentheses are blog link-ups in which I will be participating.  The first week, the challenge name is printed out; for subsequent weeks, they just go by initials.  The Sunday link-up is a multi-hostess affair, so each week's link in the list below takes you to a different host blog!
  2. This is actually my Tuesday post, but I wanted to link up with "Inspire Me Monday" at Create With Joy, and the official linky for #31 Days goes live tonight.
  3. The prompt for the "Creative Thinking Challenge" at Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit does not go live until tomorrow, but since I'll be coming back each day during October to link up my daily posts, that info will show up in the next day or so.


Tuesday 1st - you're already here!  Good for you! (Creative Thinking Challenge)
Tuesday 1st - 2nd Breakfast - 2nd October Challenge
Wednesday 2nd - Site of Our 2014 Garden  (Wordless Wednesday)  AND IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Thursday 3rd - Vegetables and High School Memories
Friday 4th - Fruits and First Days  (Friendship Friday)
Saturday 5th - Herbs & Spices
Sunday 6th - Memory Garden Daily (Let's Get Social Sunday)
Monday 7th - Farm Animals All Atwitter (Inspire Me Monday)

Tuesday 8th - Diggin' Into the Veggies
Wednesday 9th - Singin' on the Farm (WW)
Thursday 10th -  Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Candy at Behind the Curtain Dessert Challenge
Friday 11th - Plants Need Companions Too (FF)
Saturday 12th - supplies needed for the herbs (Strut Your Stuff Saturdays)
Sunday 13th - God in our garden/Musings on Ephesians 1:7,8 (LGSS)
Monday 14th - supplies needed for animals (IMM)

Tuesday 15th - fun gardening implements (CTC)
Wednesday 16th - pictures of garden supplies (WW)
Thursday 17th - plan/layout of vegetable garden
Friday 18th - plan/layout of fruit garden (FF)
Saturday 19th - plan/layout of herb garden
Sunday 20th - God in our garden/Musings on Ephesians 1:9,10 (LGSS)
Monday 21st - plan/layout of animal habitats (IMM)

Tuesday 22nd - Vegetable Immortal Recipe Contest result
Wednesday 23rd - pictures of the immortal recipes (WW)
Thursday 24th - Fruit Immortal Recipe Contest result
Friday 25th - Herb Immortal Recipe Contest result (FF)
Saturday 26th - Animal Product Immortal Recipe Contest result
Sunday 27th - God in our garden/Musings on Ephesians 1:11,12 (LGSS)
Monday 28th - Gardening when your space is limited. (IMM)

Tuesday 29th - Reduce, re-use, recycle, repurpose!
Wednesday 30th - gardening reference books (WW)
Thursday 31st - "31 Days in the Garden" wrap party!

If any of y'all are still here, give yourself a pat on the back!  This is one of the longer blog posts I've EVER written.  Feel free to leave a link to your #31Days posts in your comment(s).  Let me know if you subscribe and/or follow, so I can return the favor.  Happy days!


  1. How wonderful that you've come up with so many ideas on this theme! We did some planting in our yard this year, but it didn't go so well. Perhaps next year will be better...

  2. Sounds like a fun hop. If I joined, all of your gardens would die. lol I have the blackest thumb. A beautiful week to you!

  3. @Lisa - Better for the both of us, hopefully. Sending you good garden karma!

    @Mary - Well, if you did everything as well as your writing, there'd be nothing left for the rest of us! Rock on. :O)

  4. I so look forward to seeing you meet your goal of producing half your food on your own property! Wish I could do that. We live on a wooded lot and nothing grows here except weeds and mosquitoes! Your food will be delicious and healthy!

  5. I like your the button you made. It looks great. Thanks for stopping by. I am already following you. :-)

  6. @J - Thanks so much. Your support means a lot to me. Maybe I could send you some homemade jelly or something. :O)

    @Amanda - I'm glad you like the button. I could have sworn I was already subscribed to or following Self Sagacity (you don't easily forget a name like alliteration, btw) but it didn't give me the "you are already subscribed" message. In any case, I am happy to be re/subscribed to your blog now.

  7. sounds like we have some awesome posts coming our way!! happy eating!

  8. Very fun and interesting challenge for October! ...! Not bad for out of the routine!

  9. @Tammy - especially on the 16th, when apparently I'm going to travel through time! *wink**wink**nudge**nudge*

    @Leovi - Kind words from a great photographer-artist; thank you! As Elly Mae used to say at the end of "The Beverly Hillbillies" ... "Y'all come back now, y'hear?"

  10. Yay and so glad you joined up too. Seriously excited that it is finally October 1st for the is challenge to be under way!!

  11. Happy early birthday!!

    And wow, go you! Blogging everyday is def a challenge! Keep up the good work! :D

  12. Sounds like SO much fun to stop by here on a daily basis and see what is going on with you!

  13. Wow, you have it all planned out! I don't quite have it that planned; just a theme each day and a general idea of where we'll be in life when I post that week. :) I had thought about doing the "31 Days Of" blog hop, but I can't quite pull all my ideas together under one unifying theme. I'm doing to keep thinking on it, though.
    And thanks for reminding me about Create With Joy's hop! I need to add that one to my list! Headed now to follow you and your social media. Thank you for commenting on my blog! God bless!

  14. @Janine - Thanks for your visit and for pointing me to the October Daily challenge!

    @Pk - I appreciate your encouragement and your good wishes! :O)

    @Dianna - I'll have a cold sweet tea or a hot coffee waiting on you, Dianna (depending on the weather)! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Dalynn - The planning part goes quite easily for me, Dalynn, it's the follolw-through that I need to work on. CWJ rocks, doesn't it? Ramona does so much for other bloggers to meet and greet. C'mon back any time. :O)

  15. Your blog is overflowing with inspiration LuAnn - I hope you are having a wonderful week! :-)

  16. Awww...Ramona, you make me blush. :O) I'm just happy you found something useful.