Monday, September 16, 2013

Creative Thinking Challenge #25


I am linking both to Inspire Me Monday (a weekly link-up) at Create With Joy, because it's one of my favorite blogs ever, and to The Creative Thinking Challenge (a bi-monthly link-up) at Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit because that's where I found the idea for this post.  I'm joining Inspire! at A Cat-Like Curiosity for the first time today.

10 Creative Uses for Staplers

1.  Paperweight.

2.  Door stop.

3.  A steeplechase obstacle for a child's small animal figurines.

4.  Tool to retrieve small items from under your couch when they're just a little too far for you to reach on your own.

5.  Weight to hold down tarp over cut and stacked firewood.

6.  Dog toy.

7.  An inner core for a clay figurine.

8.  A projectile in miniature office accessory golf.

9.  Tongs for cooking or barbecuing.

10.  Oddly-shaped stamp for paper crafting.


  1. Ha! I love it. Funny and useful at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. LuAnn, those are very creative uses for a stapler. Love it! So much, I'm going to tweet this.

  3. Thanks for visiting the Back Porch, Sarah, Melissa and M! I had so much fun coming up with this list, I think I will make it a regular part of my writing practice ... thinking outside the box. Wow, thanks for the tweet, M; I really appreciate it!

  4. That's pretty funny! I can tell you had fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to getting to "know" you better!

  5. Fun, creative uses for a stapler! #6 sounds like a bit dangerous. Hehe! And #4 is definitely a good thing to keep in mind.

  6. Weapon! Fires small metal projectiles. Guaranteed not to hurt unless you take one in the eye.

  7. Love your creative thinking, LuAnn. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. @Tina - I sure did have fun. Can't wait for the next go 'round!

    @Cherie - You are right, I should have stipulated that the dog toy be 'unloaded'.

    @Alex - So true! "I have a stapler and I know how to use it" just doesn't have the same threat level. :p

    @Leovi - Thanks, Leovi. Your photographs are always 'muy inspirador' for creativity!

    @Dianna - Thanks for your return visit, Dianna. Have fun with your family this week!

  9. Love it Luann! Thanks for sharing your out-of-the-box thoughts at Inspire Me Monday at

    Create With Joy

  10. You're welcome, Ramona. You have such a wonderful community at Create With Joy it is a pleasure to share there.

  11. Love these creative ideas!! I would have been stuck after just a few "creative uses" LOL!

  12. Thanks, Jocelyn! It did take me a little while to come up with the ideas. :O)