Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2nd Breakfast - 2nd October Challenge

  Secret Obsession

Well, I felt kind of bad about posting my October 1 post on September 30, and not posting  today, so I decided to make another post so my writing every day in October goal did not fall apart on the first day.  And the first thought that came to me was "2nd Breakfast" , as a nod to those hungry little hobbits in LOTR.  The second thought that came to me was ... as long as I'm already going to be blogging every day in October, why not add a 2nd challenge?

As it turns out, the Creative Writing challenge for the 1st has not been posted yet, so I will keep watch and get to it when it comes out.

The above "31 Days in the Garden" button goes back to my master list post, which will contain a new link each to each day's post for that challenge.  And from a link on a blog to which I subscribe, I found "The October Daily" challenge, hosted by my new blogmiga at Secret Obsession.

TOD (The October Daily) prompt for the day is "share at least 5 reasons why you blog".  In no particular order:

1.  It's cheaper than therapy.

2.  Blogging is a creative outlet.  I get to dig my arms up to the elbow in the treasure chest of the English language, and let the gold, silver and gems drip through my fingers onto the keyboard.

3.  I can share what I know and/or who I am with other people.

4.  I can get information I need from people I know and trust.

5.  I can engage in my 'secret obsession' for making up new words, like "porchervations" (an observation made on a porch) and "blogmigos/as" (a friend with a blog).

6.  I can encourage and be encouraged.

7.  I can provide and find laughter.

8.  It helps me plan out my life goals - like producing half the food we consume in our garden/on our farm.

That's probably enough of that for now.  One day I'll have to do a List of 100 on reasons why I blog.

Come back tomorrow when the planning and information on my quest for the "Ultimate Dogwalk Garden 2014" begins!

Oh, and notice the new button in the right sidebar for Butterman Time Travel Inc, a link up on October 16th where participants will answer the question "WHEN in the world will you go?"


  1. Blogging is totally waaayyyy cheaper than therapy! :D Looking forward to read 100 reasons why you blog amiga! <3

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mary. I was just thinking if we would spend all of the money we save from therapy to get some bells and whistles for our blogs, we'd be SET!