Friday, September 20, 2013

100 Ideas for a 31-Day Blog Series

This "List of 100" thing is a technique I got from a book about journaling many years ago.  The idea is to write down 100 things on a single topic ... in. one. sitting.  (Yeah, I fudge on that one sometimes.)  Originally, the idea was to do the list in one sitting, and not censor yourself while writing it.  Somewhere in the middle, your subconscious mind takes over and your craziest, most creative ideas come out.

Now to the buttons:

Friendship Friday is a weekly feature over at Create With Joy.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of that blog.  Go check it out.  Seriously.

The "31  Days" is a challenge being run for the month of October over at Nesting Place blog.  The above links to the category, as the challenge sign-up is not even live yet (I don't think).  And the Nest Mama is having people make their own link-up buttons.  Don't worry, there are plenty of tips and info posted on her blog with more to come.  (I just borrowed the button from Nesting Place to get the word out!)

So on to the list.  (You may want to get a drink and a snack...I'll wait.)

1.  31 lists of 100.
2.  jam recipes
3.  bread recipes
4.  entrees
5.  veggie recipes

6.  things I love about my faith
7.  things I love about my family
8.  things I love about my home
9.  things I love about my state
10.  things I love (or...) about my job

11.  things I love about my country
12.  colors
13.  flavors
14.  places to visit
15.  historic landmarks

16.  why we homeschool
17.  blog post ideas
18.  blog series ideas
19.  craft project ideas
20.  craft series ideas

21.  favorite books
22.  favorite movies
23.  favorite plays
24.  favorite magazines
25.  favorite spa treatments

26.  stories about your family
27.  stories about your ancestors
28.  your earliest memories
29.  someone else's earliest memories
30.  things I like about x-elected official.

31.  things I dislike about x-elected official
32.  happiest moments
33.  saddest moments
34.  scariest moments
35.  Halloween

26.  Thanksgiving
27.  Christmas
28.  Valentine's Day
29.  Independence Day
30.  back-to-school

31.  last day of school
32.  serialized story
33.  cartoons
34.  pictures of your cat
35.  pictures of your dog

36.  your favorite cause
37.  charitable organizations
38.  recycling
39.  upcycling
40.  flea market finds

41.  your favorite style of decor
42.  different styles of decor
43.  saving money
44.  saving your sanity
45.  saving the planet

46.  favorite scripture verses
47.  favorite scripture passages
48.  ways your church/concregation ROCKS
49.  ways your church/congregation could improve
50.  favorite bloggers

51.  favorite authors
52.  interviews with bloggers
53.  interviews with authors
54.  ways to monetize your blog
55.  DIY cleaners

56.  DIY beauty treatments
57.  favorite mani-pedi's
58.  doodle art
59.  knitting projects
60.  crochet projecgts

61.  quilting projects
62.  follow one project through the month
63.  favorite blog posts
64.  US Presidents
65.  world leaders

66.  your own religionn
67.  other religions
68.  history of your country
69.  airplanes
70.  methods of transportation

71.  famous mothers
72.  famous fathers
73.  famous children
74.  famous animals
75.  entrepreneurs

76.  potato chip flavors
77.  movie genres
78.  works of art
79.  modern art
80.  performing arts

81.  favorite actors
82.  favorite actresses
83.  greek mythology
84.  roman mythology
85.  other mythology

86.  cooking styles
87.  desserts
88.  books you'd like to 'see'
89.  books you'd like to read
90.  books you have read

91.  favorite quotes
92.  process of old chicken coop renovation
93.  language lessons
94.  flags of different countries
95.  flag etiquette, history, making, etc

96.  things you'd like to change
97.  things you hope don't change
98.  technological innovations
99.  quilt designs
100.  favorite websites

See?  They don't all have to be gems.  Some of them may be the same.  It's all good.  It's given me many ideas from which to choose.

How about you?  Has this list given you any ideas to write about?  Please join me at one or both above links and let's share!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of ideas, it makes me think that I don't have a lot of 31s (fave actors, artists, etc.), I have less... This month I'm doing the 29 faces challenge, which will (hopefully) be almost 31, but not quite. I'm going to try and continue to post almost daily, but I think I want a less structured month next month... I hope to see what you choose to do though, you've come up with so many ideas!

  2. @Lisa - That was a concern for me, people thinking that they had to write about 31 different things that were related somehow. I'd say that if I had 10 favorite actresses, I could probably find enough material to make 31 posts.

    @Michelle - That's what I was going for. Even if a reader did not like a single of 'my' ideas, I figure by the end of the list, they would come up with something that they did enjoy! :O)

  3. Hi LuAnn!

    Wow, what a list! I'm going to be participating in the 31 Days for the first time and if I ever draw a blank I know where to come for inspiration. :)

    Thanks for visiting Renaissance Women today. Please come back anytime!

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  4. Welcome to the Back Porch, Cassandra. It will be my first time at "31 Days" too. It's nice to 'know' someone else there before it begins. :O)

  5. Great list! I am a list lover, myself. Oh, and where did you get the button for The Nesting Place, I could not find it- maybe you just copied the pic? and linked? Anyhoo...I was clicking all over looking for the HTML button! lol. This will be my second year participating, Last year I did 31 Days of Faith Life Preservers, this year it's Fitness (by request). Look forward to seeing you there! And nice to meet you!

  6. Thanks, Dawn. Yup, I copied the pic and linked it. Looking forward to your fitness tips...something I need!

  7. Nice list! I should do this! =D thanks for the idea =)

  8. I'd love to "see a familiar face" on the 31 Day Challenge, Viviene! It's a great way to strengthen our blogging skills. Thank you so much for your visit!