Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Ultimate Reading Challenge

(I borrowed the top part of the infographic from, where this challenge is posted, to make a button to use on my blog here.  The infographic contains all the categories they suggest to expand your reading horizons this coming year.  Click the button to go see.)


Here are the first 10 categories.  Once I finish them, I will add more to my personal version of this challenge:

1.  a book with more than 500 pages

2.  a classic romance

3.  a book that became a movie

4.  a book published this year - Twisted Threads by Lea Wait

5.  a book with a number in the title

6.  a book written by someone under 30

7.  a book with nonhuman characters

8.  a funny book

9.  a book with a female author - A Grave Inheritance by Kari Edgren

10.  a mystery or thriller - Kill 'Em With Cayenne by Gail Oust


  1. Definitely an easy one for crossing over with other challenges!
    reminds me of Kathryn's Full House bingo type challenge - each of those categories helps fill the book bingo card. I filled 3 cards last year, so I'll see how I do in the year end outcomes. Def found it the most FuN challenge . Plus Kathryn's in NZ which adds to the Int'l appeal of this book blogging adventure!

    And thanks for hopping over to join this New Year's Readathon! Great to be joined in this reading start to 2015 :)
    May it be blessed with many happy reading hours!!


    1. My thoughts exactly, Sharon! 3 cards???? I am SO jealous! Working on Bout of Books right now, but got one full and two partial books done in the NYE challenge.

  2. Oh, I am doing this challenge as well! I loved the idea of it and cant wait to get started as it is basically the only challenge I am doing in 2015 that is official. I have strated my book of over 100 pages already as well - Game of Thrones.

    1. Cool, Olivia! Maybe we can motivate each other, eh? :O) Have you seen any of the GoT series? My husband is almost addicted! :O)