Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 Curvy Heroine Reading Challenge

2015 Curvy Heroine Reading Challenge

The 2015 Curvy Heroine Reading Challenge is hosted by Nelle at Nelle's NightStand.  Click the button above to get all the details and to sign up!

This is a fairly wide-open challenge with the proviso that it should feature a full figure (aka curvy) heroine and with a preference for a romantic element in the book choices.  I'm going for Level 1 of 5-10 books, partly because I'm in a lot of challenges, and partially because I prefer to read sweet vs spicy romances and, well, those seem to be harder to find! ;)

Nelle also provides several resource links if you are like me and all of a sudden cannot think of books with curvy heroines.  (It's one of those "I could have told you before you asked" things.)


1.  Murder in the Arboretum by Christa Nardi
2.  The Brothers' Keepers by NLB Horton