Saturday, December 20, 2014

2015 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge

The 2015 edition of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge is hosted by Robin at the blog by the same name.  (Click the button to go there, see the details and sign up!)

There are several mini-challenges this year, which I think are new and fun features.  I actually read more than 52 books last year, but slipped up on the record keeping and linking reviews, so I'm trying again this year and determined to do better!

Week 1 -
1.  A Grave Inheritance by Kari Edgren
2.  Kill 'Em With Cayenne by Gail Oust

Week 2-3 (updated 3:17 pm Sun 1/18)
3.  Murder in the Arboretum by Christa Nardi
5.  Big Mojo by Jack Getze
6.  Twisted Threads by Lea Wait
7.  Dying Before "I Do" by Judy Fitzwater
8.  The Brothers' Keepers by NLB Horton

Week 4 (updated 6:53 pm Mon 1/19)
9.  Devil in the Deadline by LynDee Walker
10.  Broken Trust by Thomas Maurin
11.  The Schwarzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin
12.  MacDeath by Cindy Brown

January 2015 (updated 14:08 hrs Thu 12/03)

13.  Windy City Blues by Marc Kuhlewitch (21st)
14.  Murder, Mayhem and Bliss by Loulou Harrington (26th)
15.  Climax (pts 1 and 2) by Christina George (26th)

February 2015 (updated 14:20 hrs Thu 12/03)

16.  Death of a Beauty Queen by Barbara Jean Coast (4th)
17.  Scent of Butterflies by Dora Levy Mossanen (6th)
18.  Community Affairs by Michele Lynn Seigfried (9th)
19.  The Monster That Ate My Socks by A.J. Cosmo (11th)
20.  Close to the Sun by Donald Michael Platt (11th)
21.  Between the Cracks by Carmela Cattuti (17th)
22.  The Witch Hunter's Tale by Sam Thomas (18th)
23.  Flamenco, Flan and Fatalities by Mary McHugh (23rd)
24.  The Fairytale Keeper by Andrea Cefalo (23rd)
25.  I am Abraham by Jerome Charyn (27th)

March 2015 (updated 14:20 hrs Thu 12/03)

26.  Lady of the Eternal City by Kate Quinn (4th)
27.  Stiff Penalty by Annelise Ryan (10th)
28.  Suspendered Sentence by Laura Bradford (10th)
29.  Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kachel (11th)
30.  The Trouble with Flirting by Rachel Morgan (17th)
31.  Vostok by Steve Allen (18th)
32.  Sea Change by T'Gracie and Joe Reese (23rd)
33.  Sex Change by T'Gracie and Joe Reese (23rd)


  1. I've intentionally chosen challenges that only require lists of books read and don't require reviews. Keeps it at the FuN level for this gal ;)

    1. That sounds like a good idea! Too much work can suck the joy out of things.