Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 My Kind of Mystery Reading Challenge

The My Kind of Mystery Reading Challenge runs from February 1, 2015 to February 1 2016 and is hosted by Carolyn at Riedel Fascination.  Click the button above to go to the sign-up page!

From the blog:

What sets us apart is any literature related to mystery ~ not solely novels.  If you enjoy true cases, are a student of investigative techniques, if there were an ‘open a detective agency for dummies’, or you like writing tips and biographies of authors:  all of these angles are included.  No matter when you join, count what you’ve read since February 1st.

I'm going with the lowest level...for now.  That means:

The Secret Messages level of 5 - 10 mystery books.

Well, let's say my record keeping in 2014 for my reading challenges sucked, but I'm hoping to do better in 2015.  Should things be swimming along nicely, I reserve the right to increase my challenge level. ;)


  1. Welcome, LuAnn! Yes, you reserve your right to rise up but I'll bet my avoidance of the Christmas rush gives lots of time to finish reading and linking come February. All members are in on the prize activities whether they finish or not, so be sure to subsribe or ask for an e-mail when they're up. :) Merry Christmas from central Canada! Carolyn.

    1. I follow your blog on WordPress, Carolyn. Do you have email subscription as well?

  2. Wonderful! I like subscription voluntary, because folks like my content, or wish to keep abreast of special events. But this year I felt that few people caught the events and I actually tried running all over blogs and Goodreads with an FYI; of course without knowing folks are interested and that I didn't look pushy! That's why I'm sparing the dilemma from now on. I offer to personally e-mail those who prefer not to subscribe. There's probably an e-mail option. A few of my subscribers do it that way. You used the 'follow' button, which is good enough for knowing when I post. Thank you indeed for browing my other content and mentioning my late kitty. I'm honoured.

  3. Some seem to follow my blog via e-mail so I must have the option. I'm thrilled you hit the 'subscribe' button and that's ample for me, LuAnn. It made my day and I thank you kindly, for already browsing a great deal of my content. Especially commenting on my dear kitty, Love. Although I'll miss him dailiy, may the years to come be happier and brighter. Celebrate well in Kentucky! Truly, Carolyn.