Friday, October 11, 2013

#31Days - Plants Need Companions Too

Secret Obsession   

Having covered a lot of the tools and supplies necessary for gardening most any plant yesterday, I decided to branch out into some other considerations.  One idea that I came across was particularly intriguing to me:  the idea of companion plants - which are plants you can plant by or amongst your 'target plant' that will help increase yield, repel pests and generally be a good plant friend. ;)

Bell Peppers - geraniums and marigolds deter pests, as do onions, garlic and chives; tomatoes, other peppers, marjoram, basil and oregano provide humidity that is good for peppers.

Canteloupe - corn, pumpkin, squash, collards, borage, oregano, radishes, marigolds, petunias and beans.

Jalapeno Peppers - Sweet peppers, basil, onions, carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, okra, marjoram, parsley and oregano

Pumpkins - corn, melon, squash, marigold, nasturtium, oregano, dill

Strawberries - beans, borage, lettuce, onion, spinach, thyme

Tomatoes  - asparagus, basil, bean, carrots, celery, chive, cucumber, garlic, head lettuce, marigold, mint, nasturtium, onion, parsley, pea, pepper, marigold, pot marigold and sow thistle

Watermelon - corn, nasturtium, peas, sunflowers, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers, radishes

It should be noted that there are combinations that have the opposite effect, so there are some plants you should avoid planting in proximity to your 'target plants' (my term)

More information on this topic can be found at:  Golden Harvest Organics, How To Garden Advice, eHow, and Yahoo Voices


The October Daily Challenge prompt for October 11th is:

"What are the things you love doing on rainy days?"

When it rains outside, I love to stand on the side porch (former carport) and watch the dogs run around playing.  During the last rainstorm I was careful not to venture off the porch under the black walnut tree, because about 50% of the walnuts got pelted to the ground by the storm.  It was plain dangerous!

I also enjoy curling up in my UK ('round these parts that means University of Kentucky) snuggie and reading a good book.

Lastly, a nice siesta by an open window is a great rainy-day activity!

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Five Fabulous Things that happened to me this last week?

1.  The Behind the Curtain Dessert Challenge at the Lady Behind the Curtain blog.  Lots of wonderful pumpkin and cream cheese and one of my highest comment counts in recent memory!

2.  The two newest verses of the Hiding Ephesians 1 in My Heart group memorization effort at Do Not Depart.  This is going really well.  I haven't done a concerted memorization effort of anything since I did my last play, some 20 years ago ... it must be one of those 'back on the bicycle things'.  Lots of participants, plenty of opportunity to encourage and celebrate; wonderful!

3.  Sneakers' puppies are starting to come out from under the storage shed on their own.  We've been worried about them because mama is spending more and more time inside and it's getting cool at night.  But they are healthy, happy and cute as the dickens!

4.  Well, if I stretch the concept of a week by a day or maybe two, I can include my 52th birthday as a fabulous thing that happened!  We went to Gondolier's restaurant in London (Kentucky), and they had a baklava cheesecake.  Dessert nirvana.  I also asked for (and got) some woodworking tools as I've wanted to make and carve a dining room table for us for a long time ... and it seemed appropriate now that we have our own house.

5.  We have two pickup-loads of chopped wood for our heating stove in a big pile in the backyard, enough to keep us toasty through the winter, especially if we have an ice storm like we did a couple of years back that knocked out some people's power for a couple of weeks.


What is a blessing you have received in your life this week?


  1. LuAnn, concerning your 31 Day Challenge relating to gardening...As I was reading the wonderful information you shared there today I thought of this book that my husband has...Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. It is a companion planting book. My hubby has tried many of the things and for the most part it works!

    It sounds as if your 52nd birthday was wonderful! I admire you for wanting wood working equipment. I'll look forward to seeing that dining table you make! I know it will be great!

    I've had so many blessings this week, but one that stands out is my brother stating that he didn't like Buckwheat Pancakes, but when I fixed him a small one he decided they were good and asked for another one!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Friend! We are headed to DE this afternoon to spend the weekend with our daughter.

  2. Thank you so much for the name and author of the book, Dianna! I have added it to my Amazon Wishlist. And your brother could say that because he hadn't had /your/ buckwheat pancakes. From the recipes I've seen on your blog, I know you are a wonderful cook! Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

  3. love the rainy day experience I lived in kentucky for a time and my boys love their t-shirts and other memorbilia thanks for sharing have a great day

  4. Hi LuAnn,
    I love using companion plants or rather mixing in my veggies and herbs with other local plants. I know you aren't always so supposed to mix up your beds but I love the look so much better. xoxo tiffani

  5. Hi LuAnn

    Love using companion plants in my own garden, especially around the herbs. I like the look up mixing up the beds with edibles and nonedibles. xoxo tiffani

  6. @Robin - whereabouts did you'uns live in Kentucky (I used some hillbilly there for ya) Thanks for stopping by!

    @tiffani - Two comments? Wow. I'm honored! (I know, but they were a little bit different, so I'm going to count them both, k?) :O) I appreciate your visit. Have a great weekend!