Friday, October 4, 2013

#31 Days - Fruits and First Days

 Secret Obsession  

Fruits we already have on the property:

Crab apples, blackberries, elderberries and some grape vines, badly in need of a revival.

For 2014, I think I will concentrate on a small number of non-tree based fruits and get to the fruit trees maybe the next year.  Luckily for me, this rather limits my choices.

And I'm going to move tomatoes and maybe pumpkins to my fruit list to enable asparagus and maybe artichokes to be added to my veggie list.

In the years to come, I'd like to branch out (pun intended) into having some fruit trees:  apple, peach, cherry, and pear with the option of more to follow a couple of years out.

So my 2014 list (for now) includes:

Bell Peppers, Canteloupe, Jalapeno Peppers, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon


The October Daily prompt for 10/4 is:

"Share your experience during your first weeks/months in blogging."

Shoot.  I have trouble remembering a couple of days ago, let alone a couple of years ago.

In my first post ever on this blog, dated Sunday, July 22, 2007, I started out with an enumeration of the various kinds of wicked:  wicked-funny (jokes), wicked-cool (snazzy paint job on a car) and wicked-evil.  Wicked-evil started out with the obvious options, and then settled in on a co-worker of mine at the time.

She was a know-it-all, telling anyone and everyone how to to do their jobs, including her organizational superiors and those in specialized jobs like nursing.  People did not take kindly to this.  So she was moved to another part of the house (at a residential facility for adults with MR/DD).  She followed co-workers around the facility trying to get pictures of them committing some 'wrong' on her cell phone.  She followed people home.  She got into co-workers cell phones and got private numbers so she could make accusations about affairs to their loved ones.

Then she was transferred (not by choice) to another home on the facility.  When she found out, she stormed out of the house, turning at the door with the ominous threat, "I'll get every one of you."  She began to make (unfounded) accusations of abuse/neglect.  When that didn't damage people's employment enough, she began to accuse house administrators of turning a blind eye or failing to report abuse/neglect.  At least one talented staff member, with a real heart for the clients quit because of this woman.

That's just one of a hundred stories about the place where I worked for 4-1/2 years.  It was the most fulfilling job I have ever had.  I loved the residents with whom I worked.  There isn't one of them I would hesitate for a moment to intervene when someone was hurting them or when they were hurting themselves, even the ones who swore at me on a regular basis or sent me home injured.  I would love to work with the same population again ... just not there.

On the whole, blogging is a lot safer.  So I'm here to stay.


What is your favorite job you've ever had?  (And yes, parenthood counts.  And yes, ministry or an un/paid outside the home job counts too.)


  1. I am so glad you are here to stay and sounds like your ex co-worker was definitely a handful!!

  2. My favorite job was unpaid. I was a local Humane Society board member. We accomplished much in terms of fund raising and humane education as well as placement of dogs and cats. The best part was the quality of people I met and became lifelong friends with. Kind, compassionate, loyal - this is where you go when looking for lasting friendship! What an unexpected side benefit it was for me!

  3. Thanks so much for your visits, Janine and J. It's so great to 'see' you on the porch.

    @Janine - Congrats again on your blogiversary. Your contest seems to be going very well!

    @J - what a beautiful 'job'. I bet the animals loved you! :O)

  4. My favorite job was when I was teaching school in a Christian school several years ago. My two favorite things was teaching a Kindergartner how to read and teaching the fourth grade any subject! But then again I loved teaching the high schoolers also! :-) They all come with their rewards!

  5. So true, Dianna. It's so great to see the light of understanding in someone's eyes.

  6. Vegetables and High school memories + fruits and first days! I'm starting to love your post titles! :D Blogging truly is a lot safer! :) You can express what you feel without the concerned getting offended :)

  7. The titles are in part thanks to you, Mary Belle. :O) I try to combine something from both the #31Days and The October Daily ... and it comes out kind of creative! :O)

  8. My favorite job hands down is being a mom!! And my blog comes in second place!! ;) God has surely blessed me!!