Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - SORRY

46 Things That I Regret

Why 46? That's how old I am, and it's a LOT less than 100.

1. ...that I didn't answer my mother's concern about me entering a kiddie beauty show, voiced by a "if you can't win, don't enter" sentiment, with "If I don't enter, I can't win" response.

2. ...that I took off the day my father passed away, once a friend of my mother's came over to the house to be with her.

3. ...that I didn't sock the classmate that pinched my right nipple on the way home from 5th grade one day in his right eye.

4. ...that it took so dang long for me to stick up for myself.

5. ...that I haven't always been consistent with my anti-depressant meds. (I do much better now.)

6. ...that I need anti-depressant meds at all.

7. ...that I ever started smoking.

8. ...that I don't always speak up and bottle up my feelings sometimes.

9. ...that I didn't start having children sooner.

10. ...that the older I get, the less patience I seem to have.

11. ...that I EVER wound that big wad of gum around my neck when I was little.

12. ...that I didn't take better care of my teeth when I was younger.

13. ...that I can't seem to warm up to the family dog.

14. ...that I didn't take the steps down that hill at the park the day I broke my arm.

15. ...that I am not more sympathetic at times to my husband's myriad physical ailments.

16. ...that I have so many regrets.

17. ...that I didn't start blogging sooner.

18. ...that I lost touch with the stage acting world after my children were born.

19. ...that I haven't sent my mother pictures of my kids more regularly.

20. ...that I let a few people's opinions of my abilities change my college major from musical theatre to business.

21. ...that it took 10 years for me to start proving them WRONG!

22. ...that I got my tubes tied (even though having another child would probably kill me).

23. ...that I waste so much time on electronic, hand-held Yahtzee and Solitaire games.

24. ...that I didn't get this list done in one sitting (#24-46 are actually done on a different day.)

25. ...that my boy children are still awake at midnight.

27. ...that my front tooth hurts.

28. ...that I keep "forgetting" to eat the cheeseburgers my hubby made for me.

29. ...that I think the family dog got hit by a train, but I don't really want to go closer to see if it's her. *sigh*

30. ...that I sometimes dread calling my mother each week.

31. ...that I missed having a "tea party" with my daughter before I left for work today.

32. ... that I didn't bring home something to drink from work (can ya tell I'm reaching now?).

33. ...that I keep switching to another tab (Firefox) from here (ONLY) when my husband comes up behind me tonight. (He can tell I'm bummed.)

34. ...that each of my children don't have their own room.

35. ...that I don't enjoy cooking more.

36. ...that I'm not a better friend.

37. ...that I'm not a better house-keeper.

38. ...that my children ever have seen me depressed.

39. ...that I keep picking at this scabby bit on my arm.

40. ...that having my tubes tied did not result in cessation of menses.

41. ...that I procrastinate.

42. ...that I sometimes get halfway to a goal and then ... stop.

43. ...that I've tried to fit in too much in my life.

44. ...that I think more about the past than the future (or the present).

45. ...that I intend to go to church WAY more than I actually go.

46. ...that I thought, "Is that all" when I opened the birthday card from my mother and brother.

Well, now I'm thoroughly depressed. I'm going out on the porch to observe something nice ... like stars, and try to change my attitude.

This post was kind of inspired by an entry at the Sunday Scribblings blog.

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  1. Oh, hon, we all feel this way at one time or another. And I definitely relate to being sorry that the kids are up at odd hours and the not sticking up for myself until way later in my school-aged life than I should have. Great take on the prompt. :o)