Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Movies - MISS POTTER

The first time I saw this movie was at work. Someone had brought in the DVD and we watched it with the ladies who live in the home. I fell in love with it. We watched it a total of two times there, and due to breaks and dinners and bathing, etc, I still didn't get to see the whole thing, so when I found in on satellite tv at home, I was THRILLED!

I'm sure most of you haven't seen this movie, so let me 'splain:

Renee Zellweger plays Beatrix Potter, the author of the Peter Rabbit books. Ewan McGregor plays her publisher turned fiance. Maybe because I like period movies, maybe because I like it when pretty actresses go out of their way to portray people who are not necessarily pretty, and maybe because McGregor was just so darned cute in this movie, it's making my Top 20 list of favorite movies...maybe even my top 10.

Beatrix is a 30 something unmarried woman living at home in late-Victorian England. Her parents "trotted out countless suitable suitors", all of which she turned down. She paints wonderful watercolors of rabbits and other little animals doing things like you and I would do, and writes stories to go along with it.

After being turned away by many publishing houses, she finally finds a family firm who agrees to take her, not so much, as it turns out for the worth of her stories, but to "fob off" on a younger brother (McGregor) who wants to work with them. I guess the older brothers think that the book(s) will fail miserably and then see that he does not need to bother them in the family business any more.

Well, surprise, surprise, the books are a huge success. Norman (McGregor) takes Beatrix to see the printing of the book, which for Victorian England , to have a woman visit a place like that was almost unheard of ... but she goes, elderly female chaperone in tow.

So the two fall in love. He proposes at her parents' Christmas party. When the parents learn about it, they oppose the union because Norman is a 'tradesman'. Shouting and arguments ensue. The parents come up with a deal. Beatrix may accept Norman's proposal but she cannot tell anyone yet - not even his family. The parents will take her to summer in the Lake District, and if they still are so "in love" at the end of the summer, the parents will give them their blessing.

Personally, I would rate their kiss on the train platform in the top 10 movie kisses of all time. There is a poignancy and yearning that goes so far beyond any lusty kiss you see these days.

I'll stop there in case you now want to see the movie so you can find out what happens there.

Some source material for the above was taken from the site, The Hollywood Reporter.


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