Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday Movies - Dead Again

Dead Again is on my top ten favorite movies list.

I'm sad to see there is no site for the movie itself, but considering it was made back in the days when the internet was not such a spiffy place to be, maybe that is not too surprising after all. Maybe I'll have to do a fan site for it. Yeah! Like I have time for that!


Detective Mike Church (Kenneth Brannagh) is called by the administrator of the orphanage where he grew up for a "favor". A woman (Emma Thompson) has shown up with no memory and no voice and the padre wants Church to find out who she is. The detective really doesn't want to do this; his idea is to drop her off at the county hospital ... but it is *ahem* crazy there, and he winds up not leaving her there.

After putting her photo in the newspaper, Church is contacted by an antiques dealer (Sir Derek Jacobi) who says he can hypnotize the woman and help figure out what is wrong. So they go and under hypnosis, the woman describes the life of a woman who lived some 40 odd years before and was believed to have been murdered by her husband. She bears a striking resemblance to this woman. The house where the murder took place? *drum roll please* The orphanage.

Robin Williams does a funny (in a serious kind of way) turn as a psychiatrist turned grocery stockboy who provides the couple (Brannagh and Thompson's characters) some psychological insight.

Grace (Thompson) , after several sessions of hypnosis comes to believe that she was the wife (Margaret Strauss) and Mike was the murdering husband (Roman).

And those are not the only parallels to the past. It turns out the antiques dealer was the son of the Strauss's years before.

There is a GREAT twist at the end, but I won't tell you about it here. If you haven't rented this movie or seen it in the theatre, I would highly recommend it!

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  1. This movie didn't get nearly enough recognition. The turns and twists of the plot really left me on the edge of my seat. I simply love that movie! Excellent choice ;o) Nice run down of the movie as well!