Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Movies - LOCAL HERO

Imagine the scene: a remote ocean village in northern Scotland.

A Texas billionaire (Happer) wants to buy up all the land of the village so that his corporation can build an oil refinery complex. He sends "Mac", an employee with a last name that sounds Scottish, to negotiate the various purchases from the townspeople. On the way to the village, he and his driver have to stop in the middle of the road because the fog is impenetrable. They also hit a rabbit along the way (don't worry, it's only injured) and carry it along with them on the rest of their trip to the village.

The small hotel where they stay is run by "Urquhart" (ur-cut), who is to negotiate with the townspeople. "Mac" would prefer a package deal, which would be cheaper for his employer, while the townspeople would rather have many small purchases, to increase their bottom line.

Then Urquhart discovers a problem. One of the most important pieces of real estate in the deal is the local beach, which is owned by Ben, and old-timer who lives in something that is a cross between a shack and a lean-to ... by his choice. He's not interested in selling, nor in the fortune he could make. He's happy with his life. Mac and Urquhart begin to worry for Ben's safety, because without the beach, the deal is basically off ... and the town is more than a little irritated with Ben because he is standing in the way of their millions.

There is a very funny scene where has been to a town celebration and has indulged in the local liquor supply. He goes out to the phone booth - apparently one of the few telephones in the village - to call his employer. The townsfolk have made the rounds to get him enough coins so he can make the call. (I love small towns!) His employer Happer is also an avid astronomer and that for north in Scotland, the Northern Lights are visible. Mac is trying to describe them to his boss and says, "The colors are AMAZING - red, green, white ... no, that's the phone booth!"

Happer ends up coming to the village and decides still to purchase the land ... but for a sea wildlife sanctuary, not an oil refinery. The townspeople still get their money, the environment is protected and Ben doesn't have to sell up.

In the last scene, you see Mac back in his Texas condo, looking at all this things and then he sees something that reminds him of the village that "took him in" (as in into their hearts). The last shot is of the village at night ... and the phone in the booth is ringing.

I hope he makes it back.

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  1. This movie isn't one I have heard of before, but as usual your wonderful movie reviews do it enough justice where I will have to try to catch that some time.