Sunday, December 17, 2017

My 2018 #COYER Winter Switch Sign-up

The COYER Winter Switch Challenge is hosted by Michelle and Berls on the site.  Click the button above to go to the sign-up page.  They have switched things up this year a bit, and that means two options on how to complete the challenge: strict and switch.

Rules for the strict:

  1. Every book you read must be an eBook or audiobook.
  2. Every book must be either free or less than $5.
  3. No library books, borrowed books, or Kindle Unlimited.

This is the option I'm choosing, even though the Switch sounds like loads of fun, because I've got everything I can handle on my plate for this winter already!  And I'm hoping this will give me that little extra "oomph" I need to get my reviews out promptly! ;)

I feel like this is a really short post and worry that I'm leaving something out.  But anyway, on to the reading and reviewing!


I actually just finished Biscuits and Slashed Browns by Maddie Day.  (Like 1/2 hour ago.)

And I have the following lined up for January 2018, although I totally want to start reading them now.  Of course, it's not like I don't have loads of e-books on my reader anyway!  (Oh, BTW, covers below link to the GoodReads page for the book.)



White Hell by Remington Kane was downloaded April 27, 2017. (read 1/1/2018; reviewed 1/2/2018; edited to update 1/2/2018 0000 hrs)
Above and Beyond by Kathryn Shay (downloaded 10-26-2017; read 1/1/2018; reviewed 1/2/2018; edited to update 1/2/2018 1117 hrs)
Murder in the Latin Quarter by Susan Kiernan-Lewis was downloaded September 24, 2017; read 1-2-2018; reviewed 1-3-2018; edited to update 1-8-2018 1431 hrs)
Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie was downloaded October or November 2017)
Where Do I Go by Beverly Majid (read 1-6-2018 through 1-7-2018; reviewed 1-8-2018; post to publish on 1-29-2018)

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