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White Hell by Remington Kane - #review

Tanner and Sara's small plane crashes into the Siberian wilderness...
...and that's just the beginning of their trouble.

An old enemy of both Tanner and Sara wants them dead, along with a team of mercenaries and dozens of hardened killers. If that wasn't enough, Tanner must also protect the life of an innocent and deal with a blizzard.

The odds are stacked against them, but this is Tanner, and not even the wilds of Siberia can conquer him.



White Hell reads very well as a standalone, even though it is Tanner's 17 adventure.  (There are even more installments now since the book was published last year!)  I think I say that partially to forgive myself for coming into yet another good series mid-stream.  Based on what Tanner & Co go through in this book, I have to read the others now to see what else is in his past ... and how he makes it out of each book alive.

In the first paragraph, an old enemy of both Tanner and Sara has hired a hit squad to crash the plane in which our duo are traveling.  With the pilot dead, their plane partially submerged and four swaggering combatants taunting them from far away, things look bleak for our heroes.  A few minutes later, the four combatants are dead and their chopper pilot is getting the you-know-what out of Dodge.  So how did he do it?  Swam (sans clothing) under the ice (of a S.i.b.e.r.i.a.n. lake), comes up behind this first set of bad guys.  That's how.

On their way back toward civilization (they are so far out there is no cell service!), they come upon a second group of criminals who have kidnapped the grand-daughter of a Russian politician.  Even though he is a world-infamous assassin, Tanner cannot take credit for all of the deaths though.  Some of the opponents kill each other, a couple are dispatched by one really ticked-off wolf (some graphic descriptions there), and others by the cold or their own insanity.

The ladies held their ends up as well.  Sara, of course, had skills of her own, but seriously injured her knee in the initial plane crash, making it harder and harder to go on.  Polina (the ex-kidnapped grand-daughter) was in her Girl Scout uniform when she was taken.  Why is this important?  Because when they had to build a shelter out of snow...she knew how to help!  She also walked away from the wolf who had previously killed at least two of the bad guys.  And, when it came to the last baddie standing, she got herself out of that mess!  (I wonder if it's too late to sign my daughter up for Girl Scouts!)

Fans of Bond-James Bond will become fans of Tanner.  (I believe I like Tanner even a little more.  He's less pretentious than Bond, more direct and has been knocked around by life enough to roughen his edges a little.)  White Hell has a lot of action, a lot of moments you want to shout, 'Look out behind you!", and a lot of dead bad guys at the end. 



Well, I'd like to do my regular picture and short bio...there doesn't seem to be a picture out there, but here's what I did find:

Remington Kane Website
Remington Kane Facebook

Part of the mystery solved!



Were you ever in the Scouts (or a similar group)?


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