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Another Man's Poison by Jo-Ann Lamon Recoppa - #review #giveaway

Crime reporter Colleen Caruso has an appetite for romance…and trouble. When someone tries to poison Ken Rhodes (her handsome boss and boyfriend), Colleen vows to hunt down the culprit and serve them up to the police. She’s whisked away into the scrumptious world of restaurants and gourmet food as she tangles with four culinary divas from Ken’s past.

Trouble is, Colleen doesn’t know when to turn down the heat.

Is this Jersey Girl’s investigation a recipe for disaster?

Or will the poisoner get their just desserts?

***No explicit language and the only scene with any lack of clothing contains no actual sex.



A couple of things surprised me about Another Man's Poison by Jo-Ann Lamon Recoppa.  First, there is an in-office romance between the main character (Colleen) and her boss (Ken)...and it works!  Secondly, Ken is not without a coin or two to rub together, definite 'man candy', and a pretty nice guy to boot!

So, she's dressed up to the nines, out at a company celebration dinner, and you think, "Wow.  Does it get any better than this?"  But in this case, it's like saying, "What could possibly go wrong?"  Colleen nearly loses her boyfriend, her boss, and possibly then her job when Ken is whisked away to the ER because he has been poisoned!

Colleen is no shrinking violet.  At this attack on her man, she doesn't drop to the fainting couch, put the back of her hand to her forehead and whimper, "Oh, woe is me!"  She goes out, determined to find the son(s)-of-guns who poisoned Ken and bring her (or him or them - nope, not giving it away) to justice.

The field of suspects narrows fairly quickly, but Ms. Lamon Recoppa keeps you guessing.  I don't read a mystery wanting to be able to figure it out before it's time, and think probably you are the same.

These folks from Jersey are a tough bunch.  And I say that with respect.  After I go back and pick up the first two books in the series (New Math is Murder) and (Hide Nor Hair), I will absolutely be tagging along on Colleen's future adventures!

(And, as a little Easter egg, I do appreciate the color-coordinated covers!)



Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa is the creator of the Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery series, which includes New Math is MurderHide nor Hair, and the latest installment, Another Man’s Poison. Her short fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. Reccoppa worked as a stringer for Greater Media Newspapers for many years and wrote hundreds of articles, covering everything from serious medical stories to restaurant reviews. She draws on her past newspaper experience to create quirky characters and outlandish scenarios for the Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery series.




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(Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers via Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely (and very funny) review, LuAnn! It's an honor to be spotlighted on your blog.