Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Bookish Post - March 1, 2016

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Three years ago, Julia Jackson was a well to do young woman from Boston whose fiancĂ©, Jonathon, was killed right before her eyes. Obsessed with finding the killer, a man whose face she saw only in a flash as he walked up and shot Jonathon, she leaves her family and her life behind. She starts a new life as ‘Jacks’ Jackson—a cigar smoking, dead eye, female Pinkerton agent…pretending to be a man. 

Now Allan Pinkerton needs Jacks to find the man who kidnapped the wife and son of a railroad official, David Boyd. Their only clues are the severed finger from the man’s wife, complete with wedding ring, and a map of the Qualla boundary, the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina.&nbsp

Jacks doesn’t like the way the whole thing sounds from the beginning. David Boyd isn’t important enough to target for a kidnapping. And why travel so far with two hostages?

But Pinkerton tells her that he believes the man responsible for the kidnapping worked with Jonathon’s murderer in a train robbery five years ago. Jacks agrees to go after the kidnapper with hopes of catching him before he can reach his home grounds.

Pinkerton insists that Jacks bring three men with her—Boyd, her new partner, and a Cherokee guide named Running Wolf, who’s always watching her, like he’s trying to figure it out.

Can Jacks catch the kidnapper with her secret—and her life—intact?



"Are you sure they're gonna come through here, Jacks?" Davey Hume asked for the tenth time.
Davey shook his head.  "I hope so, or Pinkerton's gonna have our asses!  If we let that gang stroll out of the Mercantile after they robbed it, after he told us they were gonna do it, we're gonna be close enough to dead to reach out and touch his whiskers!"



 (this is from 45% on the Kindle, in Chapter 24)

"I believe in my gun and my brain.  After that comes my horse, dynamite, and a lucky guess, not necessarily in that order."
Running Wolf didn't laugh.  "Your spirit is hollow without a faith in things you cannot see or control.  How have you survived?"


  1. Sounds like a good one! And Jacks sounds like a wonderful protagonist :D I hope you're enjoying it!

  2. This one is intriguing! I'd never heard of it, but the synopsis has me hooked. I need to go check it out more!

  3. "Jacks" sounds like a fascinating character. I think I'd enjoy this book.
    My Tuesday post features THE ALL-GIRL FILLING STATION’S LAST REUNION by Fannie Flagg.