Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Read the Nobels Challenge Sign-Up


1. Pick one of the reading levels below.

Decide how many books authored by a Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature you want to read in 2016.

  • Nobel dabbler: 1 to 3 books 
  • Nobel keener : 4 to 8 books 
  • Nobel enthusiast: 9 to 13 books 
  • Nobel devotee: 14 to 18 
  • Nobel zealot: More than 19
2. Grab the challenge button and write a post.

You can write the post on your blog, website, Facebook or Google+ or any other social media.

Make sure you show your support and help spread the word by including the challenge button in your posts. You can also add the button in your sidebar.

3. Register for this challenge at Guiltless Reading.

I totally blame have Sharon at Faith, Hope and Cherry Tea to thank for my participation in this reading challenge.  She always seems to find this wonderful niche reading challenges.  And I am a reading challenge addict.

But really, the theme of this challenge will help me out with a bucket list item:  Read a book authored by and/or set in each country in the United Nations.  And I'm thinking of going for the:

"Nobel keener:4-8" level.

Why?  Because I got the idea to read a book from the Nobel Laureate from each of the years that the folks in my family were born.  So that would be:

1961 - Ivo Andric
1967 - Miguel Angel Asturias
1996 - Wislawa Symborska
1998 - Jose Saramago
2003 - John M. Coetzee

Anyway, y'all are welcome to join as well! There's even going to be a mini-challenge in April to read 1 book written by a Nobel Laureate for Literature. I'm going to try that one too, but April is a busy, busy month for me.  I've got 13 blog tours going and then there's the A to Z Challenge, whereby you sign up to write a blog post every day in April besides Sundays.  The first post begins with A, the second with B, etc., until you've gone through the entire alphabet.  Here's the button for that challenge.

Where in the world will your Nobel take you?


  1. YAY! Welcome welcome! I've read only 2 of your 5 picks (Saramago and Coetzee) so I'm curious to see what books your pick for the ones I am unfamiliar with.

    13 challenges = happy reading :)

    1. Thanks, GR. I love this stretching of my reading horizons.

  2. This is such a good idea, I'm surprised I've not heard of it before. I might have a crack at a Nobel-winning book or two myself.

  3. Hi, LuAnn! I'm married to a Kentuckian (Lou-uh-villian) so I was happy to see you hale from there. And very glad you are doing the Read Nobels too. You have got an amazing list(!), definitely material for Travel the World in Books too! I look forward to your posts.