Monday, September 14, 2015

Study, Study, Study! - #septemberchallenge #NaBloPoMo

September 2015  Everyday Gyaan

Monday, September 14, 2015

If you could go back to school (for free) for a new degree, what would you want to study? Or if you could go to college, what would you want to study?

I would follow two courses of study.

The first would be acting.  It is where my heart of hearts lies.

My first college major was acting, back in the day.  (Musical Theatre actually.)  But at the end of the year audition, one of the professors wrote on my sheet that I had no future in theatre and should find something else to do.  So I did - for ten years.

Then I found out that one person's opinion was wrong, as evidenced by doing 5-6 plays a year for about 6 years.  Granted, they weren't all paid gigs, but most actors would be overjoyed to be working that much.

The most stunning experience I had is when a director I admired greatly basically picked me to do "Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett.  (No, not the one with 'the Fonz'.)  Basically me on stage for 45 minutes, talking.  In the first act, the character is buried up to her waist in sand.  In the 2nd act, she is buried up to her neck.  There is actually another character in the play.  He says about 35-40 words the whole time.  He had a music box specially made for the play that played "The Merry Widow Waltz", and gave it to me when the run was over.

Anyway, that's one.

Number two would be writing.  I think I definitely have a 'voice', but it needs practice and development.  And deadlines.  I need deadlines to give me that kick-in-the-backside to get me going some days.

You see, I love playing with words. Picking them up on the beach, and turning them over in my hands, holding them up to the light to see the sparkle and if they cast any shadows, holding them up to my ear to see if words can give off the sound of the ocean, like seashells.  I play with words.

For the time being there is really zero chance of working in theatre where I live.  The closest town with a playhouse is far away, and there's really not enough people around in this rural and semi-rural area to merit a run of more than a couple of days.  Putting plays together is a LOT of work!

So writing seems to be where my future lies.  Anything could happen!


What did you study in college, or what would you like to study if given the chance?


  1. Hi, have you heard of Coursera? Anyway you should look it up. I have taken free courses on it for credit.Be sure to check out Literacy Musing Mondays today. We have a giveaway. ;)

  2. I was thinking about your post about not having too many photographs of yourself, LuAnn. Then to see how much you love acting makes me smile. I love acting too, but never followed it seriously.

    1. It's not an easy life to follow, Corinne. I don't know how acting jobs are where you live, but here you spend more getting back and forth to auditions, rehearsals and performances than you do from most acting paychecks!

  3. I am someone who has yet to go and study. But I do want to study english or creative writing in some form, and probably do a double major so that can happen. Oh, and acting sounds wonderful. You could always take acting classes now, though ^^