Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Few Thoughts on Writing - #septemberchallenge #100WordsonSaturday

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Today we have no prompt. Time for a free write.
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So now I have to come up with a topic as well?  What am I, a blogger, a writer?

Well, yes I am.  I need to get off my comfortable chair, park my carcass at the desk and write or type until the words come out.

Some times the words don't want to show up.  At times like that, I have to go hunting for them.  Does that make me a word predator?  It makes me sound so ... primal and violent.

One of my favorite ways to go on a writing hunt is to free write sense and/or nonsense.


  1. Always appreciate your evident sense of humour in your writing, LuAnn :)
    Well done, free writer!

    1. I've spent time with humour and without, Sharon, and with is a whole lot nicer! :O)

  2. haha we all are predators, aren't we? The creative bubble in us just wanna burst:)

    1. That is does, vishalbheeroo! Gotta love those stories (or that painting, etc) that just won't be kept inside!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Usha! do try to infuse humor in my writing whenever I can.

  4. I liked how you wrote words about being a writer! But yes, sometimes it does feel like you have to force yourself to get the words on paper (or the computer) sometimes.

    1. Just like when you work for someone else, you have to force yourself to go sometimes, eh? :O)