Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - And I'm a LOT Calmer This Time Around

(this photo was found from a search for 'calming photographs'.  The attribution text was in Cyrillic, so I have no idea what it said, but a link was provided.  Unfortunately, only the top half of the link was showing and my cursor could not pick it up.  But here's what I could get:


If you remember my last Wordless Wednesday, I was "Mad as Hell".  Well, I've processed a lot of the anger I felt then and the other negative emotions, and have gotten to the ok, now what, let's make a plan stage.  Hence the many lights on the water.  The ideas are swirling around in my old gray matter right now.

Maybe by my next participation in "Wordless Wednesday" (and any post I make where you don't have to scroll even once to read it all can well be considered 'wordless'), I'll have started reining in some of those ideas.  That would be nice.

Happy middle of the week, y'all!

Oh, here is where I usually party for Wordless Wednesday.  Click the button to visit and join in!


  1. What a beautiful photo. I'd love to see that in person.

  2. I love the photo, and glad to hear that all of those emotions are calmer. I hope you can remain at this peaceful state.