Thursday, August 20, 2015

#bookreview: Renaissance Faire by Jane Stain

When handsome highlander Dall takes Emily up on stage at the renaissance fair for some Scottish dancing, the butterflies in her stomach are not from stage fright. She's a drama major who's seen River Dance a dozen times. But Dall never drops his 16th century accent, and no one ever teases him about that. There aren't any jeans or sneakers in his tent, either.

Sweet and clean.

This book will contain parts 1-6 of the Renaissance Fair Time Travel Romance Serial by Jane Stain (200 pages):

Kilts: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 1)
Highlander: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 2)
Scotland: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 3)
Highlands: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 4) March 20
Castle: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 5) April 3
Return: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 6) April 17

The parts are available individually for free in Kindle Unlimited, but if you are buying, then this complete set will save you money. There will also be a paperback, to help you share this story with friends who love the Renaissance faire.

These six parts conclude Dall and Emily's romance, but the story will continue on from there as they have many time-traveling adventures together!



Renaissance Faire by Jane Stain has three of my favorite elements:

1) Scotland
2) Renfaires

I am a little confused as to how Emily came up with the 'theory' that Dall was actually from another time, but that gives me an intellectual excuse to read the book again so soon after finishing it the first time. You see, I'm a little obsessed with Scotland.

I'm definitely looking forward to Emily and Dall's other time-traveling adventures. Enough of the questions about the curses and indebtedness were covered in RF to satisfy a fan of the period and renfaire lifestyle, while enough was left unexplained as to warrant more stories with at least some of the same characters. Ms. Stain has actually done one of the better jobs I've seen (or is that read) at this. There's nothing more irritating to me as a reader of series fiction than to have an overly abrupt ending. Some authors explain too much. Some authors explain too little. Ms. Stain gets it just right!

Druids had never seemed to me to be such a technology-embracing folk, but who am I to say? One thing I'm definitely looking forward to finding out is why Emily and Dall alternately seemed to forget some of their relationship and closeness when they went from the other's time 'back' to their own.

I do so appreciate the absence of excessive physically romantic or sexual scenes in this sweet romance.

Do you like books set (at least partially in Scotland)? You will like Renaissance Faire. Do you like reading about or attending renfaires? You will enjoy Stain's Renaissance Faire. Do you like men in kilts? You will LOVE RF!



Jane Stain writes sweet romance. She promises her books have no sex and no foul language.

~There's a new episode in her Renaissance Fair serial almost every other Friday!

(Note:  this bio was taken from the author's Amazon page and, along with the two links under her photo, was the about the only information I could find about her.)


(Disclaimer:  I received an ecopy of this book from the author and publishers via in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.)


  1. Thanks for your nice review, LuAnn! Would you please post it on Renaissance Faire's page at :)
    (Jane Stain is my pen name. ;) )

  2. I always hesitate to leave bad reviews for books, as maybe the author had some bad days. But the one I'm reading now, Renaissance Faire, is perhaps one of the worst books I've ever read on time travel. The writing, although it is geared toward younger people , is extremely amateurish and seems to be written for 10 to 12-year-old girls. I do appreciate books that don't have graphic sex , but this one is on the verge of being stupid. If someone is going to write an intelligent time travel novel they need to stop using teenage expressions . The central character, a 23-year-old woman, acts like a 10-year-old girl in love.