Thursday, January 22, 2015

#YourTurnChallenge - Day 4 - A Very Important Skill

What to do When it's Your Turn is a book by Seth Godin.  It's been morphed into a writing challenge and you can click the book cover up there to find more information.


Day 4:  Teach us something that you do well.


I like to listen.  Most of us would like more time, so here's the ultra-short version of the lesson:

1.  Open your ears.

2.  Zip your lips.

And here's the slightly-less-short version:

To listen is to hear + to understand.  We can go to a talk given in a foreign language and hear a lot.  But unless we know the language, we won't really be able to understand what the speaker is trying to say, so we cannot listen effectively.

But this is the internet.  Unless we listen to or produce podcasts or videos, to what do we have to listen?

We 'listen' to other bloggers by visiting and entering into a conversation with them, even if it is just by leaving a relevant comment on their post.  This shows that you read the post and you thought about it; in other words, you listened.


  1. great post, LuAnn!
    I've +1'd an invite for other bloggers to have a 'listen' :))

  2. Hi, LuAnn!

    I agree and I have also +1 this post.
    When I began blogging in 2009 I noticed this was a huge problem.
    I quit blogging for a few years and started again in 2014.
    I do not notice it as bad as I did previously.
    Maybe bloggers are beginning to learn to respect one another.

    God Bless and have a great Sunday!