Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Winter Mini-Bloggiesta Jan 17-19 Sign-up Post

Bloggiesta was started in 2009 to give bloggers (noobs and old-timers) a forum in which to work with and along side other bloggers to improve their online presence.  Kind of like NaNo for blogs.

So, what projects will be on my Back Porch for mini-Bloggiesta?

1.  Complete 3 book reviews (hopefully the ones for the following week - Jan 20 - 27)
***updated 1/17 11:42 pm**
MacDeath by Cindy Brown (live at 08:30 eastern US on Monday 1/19)
The Schwartzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin (live at 04:30 eastern US on Monday 1/19
Devil in the Deadline by LynDee Walker (live at 00:30 eastern US on Monday 1/19)

2.  Add new reading challenges to my 2015 RC page.
**updated 1/18 12:02 am Eastern US time**
luckily, I was only one behind on this goal - "The Real Book Challenge" is now on the 2015 challenges page.

3.  Make sure various RC links are up to date.

**update 12:10 am Su 1/18**
all links from graphics on 2015 RC page to individual sign up posts checked.  The only one that needed adjusting was for the Women Authors challenge.

a.  Link from review to individual RC sign-up post
***update 3:08 pm Su 1/18**
a total of 36 links made on 6 different review posts

***update 4:37 pm Su 1/18***
at least 36 MORE links going from the individual. challenge sign-ups back to the relevant reviews

b.  update of numbers on 2015 RC page
***update 5PM Sun 1/18***
numbers and graphs updated

c.  anything else I might have forgotten (I'm doing this during a UK (U Kentucky) basketball game and my concentration is a little spread out. :O)
***updated 5PM Sun 1/08***
NEW:  Will need to recheck the links for "Kill 'Em With Cayenne" because it appears they are partially done

NEW:  Also noted that the Ethereal and Gentle Spectrums challenges to not start until February so will need to re-adjust those numbers then.

4.  re-arrange and update my sidebars

5)  Maybe change the colors or layout

6) Do at least one mini-challenge.
***updated 6:39 pm Sun. 1/18***
completed the email marketing mini-challenge at Book Bumblings

I'm sure that's more than enough to keep me busy for the three day event.  If you've got the time (or even just some of the time) come join in!  Learn things you don't know and share things you know so we can all provide better posts for our readers!


  1. Wow, you will have a very busy 3 days, my friend! I want to completely redo my blog design, but am overwhelmed with even the mere thought of it. I'm hoping to find some consistency this year. I took some rather long breaks in 2014 :).

    1. Maybe you can break up the big changes into smaller ones that will add up to the total design change? And don't worry about breaks, everyone needs them. :O)

  2. Great updates you've chosen - helpful for you as organization and easing the blog admin!
    It sure seems the beginning of the year is a good time for change ;)
    I've been doing the same...

    1. Aw, thanks Sharon! Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

  3. Yay! Thanks for joining the fun! Good luck with all these goals. :)

  4. Wow great list! I wish you luck on completing it all :)